Are any college football numbers retired?

Are any college football numbers retired?

Some programs, like Alabama, have never bothered with retiring numbers. Others, like Florida, have retired them and then decided at a later date to make them available for players to wear once again. Kentucky has retired jerseys to honor players, but the numbers are still available for current players to wear.

What does it mean when a player’s number is retired?

Retiring the number of an athlete is an honor a team bestows upon a player, usually after the player has left the team, retires from the sport, or dies.

What number is retired in football?

Unlike Major League Baseball (which retired Jackie Robinson’s number 42) and the National Hockey League (which did so for Wayne Gretzky’s 99), the NFL has never retired a jersey number league-wide in honor of anyone.

How many players had their numbers retired?

Since NFL teams began retiring numbers, 139 players have had their jersey number retired. The Chicago Bears have the most retired numbers of any team with 14. Only one player, Reggie White, has had their number retired by two teams.

Is 34 retired at UGA?

He will always be known as “The Drought Breaker” for his great touchdown against Georgia Tech in 1957….Sport Navigation Menu.

Retired Georgia Jerseys
# Player, Position Year Retired
34 Herschel Walker, TB 1985
40 Theron Sapp, FB 1959
62 Charley Trippi, TB 1947

Is 34 retired at Auburn?

The Auburn football program has retired three numbers during its history. Both of Auburn’s other Heisman Trophy winners—No. 34 Bo Jackson and No. 7 Pat Sullivan—have their jersey numbers retired, as does former wide receiver Terry Beasley (No.

Why is Man City number 23 retired?

Clubs who have retired shirt numbers for players In England, West Ham have retired the number six in tribute to World Cup winner Bobby Moore, while Manchester City retired the number 23 following the tragic death of Marc-Vivien Foe.

Is Archie Manning’s number retired?

On Saturday, Eli Manning will become only the third Rebels player to have his jersey number retired, joining his father, Archie (18), and Chucky Mullins (38).

Is number 23 retired for the Heat?

The Heat retired Jordan’s number 23 jersey in April 2003 to honor Jordan’s achievements and contributions in basketball. The Heat are the only NBA team other than the Chicago Bulls to have retired the number 23 jersey in honor of Jordan. Mourning had his number 33 jersey retired in March 2009, a year after he retired.

Who is number 47 Georgia?