Are Globe-Trotter suitcases worth it?

Are Globe-Trotter suitcases worth it?

It is easily repaired, very eco-friendly and great value for luxury luggage. But the best thing about it is how it looks, in particular as it is used. You can get a polycarbonate suitcase that will be tough and lightweight.

Where are Globe-Trotter suitcases made?

Hertfordshire, England
All of Globe-Trotter’s luggage is handcrafted at its factory in Hertfordshire, England using methods and machinery that have gone unchanged for over 120 years.

What are Globe-Trotter luggage made of?

vulcanised fibreboard
A Globe-Trotter suitcase is made from vulcanised fibreboard, a unique material comprising multiple layers of specially bonded paper, making it lightweight yet extremely sturdy. One of the case’s trademark features is the moulded leather corners.

How do you open the trotter on a globe bag?

If you aren’t familiar with how to open these cases you may feel you have gotten “locked out”. You have not, we assure you! Twist the circular piece around the key hole to lock and unlock the mechanism. You may use the key to lock and unlock the trunks as well for added security.

Is Globe Trotter a good brand?

Best Looking: Globe-Trotter Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, and while observers may vary in their taste, you’ll be hard-pressed to find anyone who would not agree that the heritage British luggage brand Globe-Trotter makes some of the most beautiful luggage around.

What is vulcanised fibreboard?

Vulcanised fibreboard (also known as vulcan fibre) was invented in 1859 by Englishman Thomas Taylor. This tough material is formed of paper, cotton and wood pulp, 14 layers of which are specially bonded together (or ‘vulcanised’) and saturated in a special solution, then compressed to the desired thickness.

What does Globe-Trotter mean?

a person who travels widely
Definition of globe-trotter : a person who travels widely.

How do you clean a globetrotter suitcase?

Cleaning your Globe-Trotter case Please take care to choose an appropriate cleaning fluid so as not to discolour the case exterior. Strong detergents or abrasive products are not recommended. Pre-testing on a small area is recommended before using any cleaning products on the entire surface of the suitcase.

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