Are jockey wheel Movers any good?

Are jockey wheel Movers any good?

As stated above they are not really effective on anything other than a hard surface. They are not really designed for carrying around in the boot of your car between sites, but for storage use. They definitely cannot be left in place when towing.

How do I know what size jockey wheel I need?

The 35mm, 42mm, 48mm, 48mm serrated, 60mm, and 63mm. So, for light weight trailers, a 35mm would be the best fit. For larger trailers and some unbraked boat trailers, you would require a 42mm. And heavy duty commercial trailers would normally require a 48mm serrated, 60, or 63mm diameter.

How much weight can a jockey wheel take?

around 300-350kg
Most jockey wheels start with a rated loading of around 300-350kg, but heavy-duty units are available.

Do Motorised jockey wheels work on grass?

A. The Optitec Jockey Wheel works very well on most surfaces including grass and gravel as you can see from our videos, however there are many variables involved with every different type of caravan or trailer and everyones grass, gravel or dirt are different.

Can you fit a motor mover to a trailer?

Car trailers, box trailers, enclosed car shuttles, most can be fitted with a trailer mover. We often get asked about motorised trailers by motorhome owners who have had problems towing vehicles using an A-frame.

What does a Motorised jockey wheel do?

Heavy-duty Lever. Capable of moving up to 2722kg of weight on hard paved surfaces, the Motorised Jockey Wheel provides you with the extra muscle you need in transporting vehicles, such as camper vans, caravans, trailers, and boats.

How do you lift a jockey wheel?

How To Use A Jockey Wheel

  1. Inspect the jockey wheel prior to use to ensure it is in good working order.
  2. Wind the handle to raise and lower the trailer on and off of the tow ball.
  3. Pull the handle to swivel the jockey wheel.
  4. Swivel the jockey wheel 90 degrees.
  5. Ensure the jockey wheel is locked into place to avoid damage.

Does a twin axle caravan need two motor movers?

Motor movers are available as single or twin-axle kits. A single-axle caravan only requires two motor units (one on each side), while a twin-axle tourer generally has four (one in front of the forward tyre and another behind the rear tyre).

How much do motor movers weigh?

How much do motor movers weigh? Different models vary of course but typically fall into the range between 30-40kg. Remember that the weight of a motor mover needs to be taken from the user payload.