Are Justin Lukach and Scott Wilson still friends?

Are Justin Lukach and Scott Wilson still friends?

And yet, at the same time, I get to see Justin [Lukach] a few times a year and we still have this friendship that never ages, which is awesome. I was actually able to connect with [Justin] in the Philippines for a few days.

What does Justin Lukach do now?

Justin is now a Director for a company called Mountain Shadow Productions which specializes in high definition aerial footage.

What does Scott Wilson do now?

Scott Wilson is the host of Departures, a travel show screened on networks in more than 50 countries including Nat Geo and Netflix. It chronicles the friendships, successes, and disappointments of Scott and his travel buddy Justin Lukach.

Is Scott Wilson of departures married?

Personal life. He married Heavenly Koh Wilson in 1977.

How was departures funded?

Departures is currently a 39 episode series funded by OLN and the Canadian and Ontario Tax credits.

When was departures filmed?

Location filming took place in several cities of Ontario, including Cambridge, Hamilton, and Toronto, in 2018. In Cambridge, the city hall was used to represent Scotland Yard and Cambridge University. In January 2019, filming shifted to London in the United Kingdom. Principal photography was completed in 40 days.

What did Scott Wilson do before departures?

Before the age of 30, he left behind his life in Brantford, Ontario to shoot the TV series with co-host and high school buddy, Justin Lukach, and co-creator/cameraman, Andre Dupuis. Over three seasons, the trio filmed their adventures across 7 continents and produced a Gemini award-winning television show.

Who is Scott Wilson’s wife?

Heavenly Koh WilsonScott Wilson / Wife (m. 1977–2018)

Does Scott Wilson have children?

Scott Wilson Wife He was married to Heavenly Koh Wilson in 1977. He has a daughter named Alexa Demie who is also an actress.

Will departure have a second season?

Departure is a 2019 suspense drama television series commissioned by Canadian broadcaster Global. The series premiered on Universal TV on 10 July 2019, with Global scheduling the Canadian debut for 8 October 2020. On 11 September 2020, the series was renewed for a second season.

What did Scott Wilson do before Departures?

Was Departure Cancelled?

Departure has been renewed for a second season which will debut August 5, 2021.

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