Are LA Saxes good?

Are LA Saxes good?

The older LA Sax models are fairly awful in my experience, but the newer ones rank with the better Taiwaniese horns. Don’t expect Mark VI/10M quality and you probably won’t be disappointed. They do have very nice ergos.

Which company saxophone is best?

Proving that saxophone manufacturing is truly an international business, there are seven countries represented, in terms of where the companies are based!

  • Selmer Paris.
  • Yamaha.
  • Yanagisawa.
  • Elkhart.
  • P. Mauriat.
  • Keilwerth.
  • Conn-Selmer.
  • Cannonball Saxophones.

Are any saxophones made in the USA?

King, Conn, Martin, and Buescher were the top 4 American saxophone manufacturers of yesteryear. Even today, fine playing horns made by these manufacturers are sought after, and some examples—such as the King Super 20 Silver Sonic—can demand top dollar.

Where are Eastman saxes made?

This is another great saxophone that is manufactured in Taiwan. I had never heard of Eastman saxophones until a couple of months ago when I received an email asking me if I would be willing to review them. Eastman Musical Instrument company started out with violins, then evolved into a full string line.

Which saxophone is most popular?

Alto saxophone The alto is the most commonly-played type of saxophone and the instrument that most beginners start to learn on. What is this? It’s an E flat instrument, and is pitched higher than the tenor and lower than the soprano.

What is the most expensive saxophone?

The most valuable jazz instrument is a saxophone once owned by Charlie Parker which sold for £;93,500 (US $144,747) at Christie’s South Kensington, London, UK on 7 September 1994.

Who makes Eastman saxophones?

Eastman is an international German company with over 10.000 satisfied customers all over Europe during the last three years. We have over 20 years of experience with instrument manufactures in China, where we source our quality brand Eastman®.

How much does the most expensive saxophone cost?

Do saxophones get better with age?

Saxophones do not get better with age. Some saxophonists believe that older saxophones sound better on the basis of tarnish or the different design. However, there is no evidence that older saxophones sound better than they did originally, nor better than modern saxophones.

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