Are stamps from Germany worth money?

Are stamps from Germany worth money?

There are three major Germania types with numerous minor variation and a multitude of surcharges and overprints. The result is hundreds of collectible stamps. Many of the stamps are quite affordable with retail prices running from a few cents to several dollars.

Are any German stamps valuable?

Baden 9 Kreuzer error is the most expensive stamp ever issued by the German Postal Service. Philatelists estimate that only four copies of this valuable item can be found on the market nowadays. The stamps are so expensive because they were printed in the wrong color: in green, instead of pink.

What is the rarest German stamp?

Most valuable German stamps

  • $1,545,000. Baden 9 Kreuzer error stamp, 1851.
  • $389,183. Oldenburg 1/3 Gr.
  • $176,000. Audrey Hepburn stamp, 2001.
  • $112,394. “Kerstfest” error stamp, 2016.
  • $65,500. 2-mark Germania stamp with quatrefoil watermark, 1920.
  • $60,790. 5m Kaiser Wilhelm II invert error stamp, 1905.
  • $44,957.
  • $30,300.

What are the most valuable stamps in Europe?

The 1851 German Baden 9 Kreuzer Error is one of the most sought-after European stamps. Only four known copies of the stamp exist, and the most recent copy sold at auction for more than 1 million euros. The British Two Penny Blue Stamp of 1840 is another coveted stamp that sold for more than 4 million dollars in 1993.

How do I start a European stamp collection?

Focusing on a particular theme or country is wise when starting a European stamp collection. Conduct some background research on the common values of stamps from European countries to help you make these decisions. Choose inexpensive storage and display mediums, such as albums, to safeguard the stamp collection with minimal investment.

How much is a German Oldenburg stamp worth?

The approximate value of the item was estimated at €800,000, but the lot fetched €1,524,601 (with buyer’s premium), or roughly $1.73 million. Oldenburg 1/3 Gr. black on a green paper issued in 1859 is a valuable German stamp that is imperforate and lithographed on colored paper.

What was the first postage stamp issued in Bavaria?

The One kreuzer black, or Schwarzer Einser, was the first postage stamp issued in the Kingdom of Bavaria. The item was designed by Johann Peter Haseney and issued on 1 November 1849. Although around 832,500 copies were printed, almost all items were removed from the postal circle in October 1851.

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