Are the Salamanca Twins actually twins?

Are the Salamanca Twins actually twins?

They aren’t twins!!!! They’re brothers, but they’re three years apart. I’d love to see more of their backstory, other than they were raised by Hector. Who are their parents?

Who are the two hitmen in Breaking Bad?

Leonel and Marco Salamanca
Family. Leonel and Marco Salamanca (commonly known as “The Cousins” or “The Twins”) are twin brothers and hitmen for the Cartel. The two are grandsons of Abuelita and the nephews of Hector Salamanca, one of the most powerful members of the cartel.

What does Peng say Breaking Bad?

I have a husband and kid at home, I have to go home and take care of them! You do not pay me enough, somebody got killed right in front of me!”

Do cousins ever talk in Breaking Bad?

And two of the most murderous, unapologetic killers on Breaking Bad are simply called, “The Cousins.” These twin brothers are known for their menacing looks, their brutal murder techniques, and the way they never speak any words.

Why did Tuco’s cousins change clothes?

Bookmark this question. Show activity on this post. As The Cousins were making their way into the US to kill Heisenberg (Breaking Bad, Season 3, Episode 1), they turn their Mercedes in at a humble farm and take clothes from the line to swap for their suits, as the farmer (with a look) warns his wife not to interfere.

Why did Mike shoot Chow in the hand?

Four members of the Juárez Cartel took Chow hostage until Mike arrived and shot them dead. Mike then shot Chow through the hand as punishment for not informing Gus about the situation. The following season, Mike was riding in the back of a refrigerated Los Pollos Hermanos truck that was going on a meth delivery run.

Was there a leak in the lab Breaking Bad?

As Walt is leaving his home to kill Gale, Victor arrives and informs him of a chemical leak at the lab. Walt suspects a setup but is forced to go with Victor. Upon arriving at the laundromat, Walt sees Mike, confirming his suspicions. Pleading for his life, Walt offers to cook for free and take them to Jesse.

Why do the Twins crawl in Breaking Bad?

They perform the prostration and rituals to ask the Bony Lady for help in finding and killing Walter White. The crawling was a gesture to show humility and abnegation to Santa Muerte.

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