Are Toshiba laptops any good?

Are Toshiba laptops any good?

Toshiba’s laptops aren’t the fastest or sexiest computers available, but they do one thing better than anyone else: they often include older hardware options that aren’t available from other brands. That may sound like a bad thing, but it’s truly an asset. Toshiba excels at supporting older technologies that many of us still use every day.

What version of Windows does a Toshiba laptop run?

Toshiba makes a few models that feature Microsoft’s older versions of Windows. If you have applications that can only run on previous iterations of Windows, it may make sense to get a laptop with Windows 7 or Windows 8. 1 on it.

What should I look for when buying a Toshiba laptop?

Think carefully about the screen resolution you’re looking for before buying. One of the laptop specs that’s easy to overlook is screen resolution – but available resolution defines your user experience, so it’s worth paying attention to. Some Toshibas only support low resolutions like 1366×768, which doesn’t even qualify as HD.

How much does a Toshiba laptop cost?

As you’re shopping for a Toshiba laptop, keep these price ranges in mind. Between $200 and $499, you’ll find Toshiba’s most modest offerings: underpowered Windows laptops and a few average Chromebooks. If you’re looking for a dirt-cheap machine that doesn’t need to do a whole lot, you don’t have to spend much.

Do Toshiba laptops have DVD drives?

In the age of streaming video, it’s genuinely challenging to find a quality laptop with a DVD drive. Many Toshiba laptops still include DVD burners, which are perfect for anyone with a large DVD collection or a need to backup data to DVDs. Toshiba is among the last manufacturers to still make 17” laptops.

Is the Toshiba Tecra A50 a good laptop?

An improved version of Toshiba’s Tecra A50 with more RAM and better SSD. A well-made laptop that balances price with ample features that suit most consumers’ needs. Lightweight, fast, and durable enough for business travel, this laptop’s an impressive all-around performer.