Can an inguinal hernia be repaired without mesh?

Can an inguinal hernia be repaired without mesh?

While mesh may be necessary in some people, it is not needed in patients who actually have good tissue quality surrounding the inguinal floor. Most patients do have good tissue and will not require the use of mesh.

Can you repair a hernia without using mesh?

A: Not necessarily, but usually. In the right patients, some groin hernias can be repaired without mesh and still have acceptable success rates. Additionally, some small hernias at the belly button can be repaired with suture alone. Most repairs, though, do utilize prosthetic mesh to achieve a successful repair.

How is hernia surgery done without mesh?

All open no-mesh repairs are done by using interrupted sutures made from nonabsorbable material. Interrupted sutures are used in open repairs to distribute the tension equally on all the sutures to avoid recurrence of the hernia due to splitting of the tissue by the pull of the displaced muscles.

Are all inguinal hernias repaired with mesh?

Surgeons perform about 90 percent of all inguinal hernia repairs with mesh. Hernia surgery can be done with or without mesh. But the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has found that surgical mesh may improve a patient’s outcome.

Do all hernia surgeries require mesh?

Laparoscopic surgery can be performed with or without surgical mesh. Open Repair – The surgeon makes an incision near the hernia and the weak muscle area is repaired. Open repair can be done with or without surgical mesh. Open repair that uses sutures without mesh is referred to as primary closure.

Is open inguinal hernia surgery better than laparoscopic?

The open surgical repair of primary inguinal hernias is better than the laparoscopic technique for mesh repair, a new study has shown (New England Journal of Medicine 2004;350: 1819-27 [PubMed] [Google Scholar]).

How long does it take to recover from open inguinal hernia surgery?

You should also be able to return to work after 1 or 2 weeks, although you may need more time off if your job involves manual labour. Gentle exercise, such as walking, can help the healing process, but you should avoid heavy lifting and strenuous activities for about 4 to 6 weeks.

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