Can catfish live with parrot fish?

Can catfish live with parrot fish?

Tankmates. Blood parrots should not be kept with aggressive fish, as they are not well equipped to compete for food or turf in the aquarium. Owners have kept them successfully in community tanks with a variety of peaceful fish. Mid-sized tetras, danios, angelfish, and catfish are all good possible tankmates.

What do parrot fish feed on?

Parrotfish are colorful, tropical creatures that spend about 90% of their day eating algae off coral reefs. This almost-constant eating performs the essential task of cleaning the reefs which helps the corals stay healthy and thriving.

Are parrot fish bottom feeders?

Although the blood-red parrot cichlids aren’t necessarily bottom feeders, they zoom around the entirety of the tank. This means that you will find them swimming in the middle and sometimes going to the bottom to dig through. So, adding a smoother and smaller sandy textured substrate in the bottom is key.

How do I keep my parrot fish healthy?

Parrot cichlids are omnivorous, meaning that they’ll eat plant or animal products. Proper food includes brine shrimp, bloodworms, tropical flakes, sinking pellets, and commercial parrot cichlid food. Make sure your fish get enough fiber to prevent swim bladder disease. Feed your fish at least twice a day.

What temperature do parrot fish need?

between 82 and 84 degrees
A blood red parrot cichlid can survive in water that ranges from about 75 degrees Fahrenheit to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. The lower end of this range can leave fish somewhat sluggish and uninterested in breeding. The ideal temperature is between 82 and 84 degrees. This range is usually necessary for spawning.

What makes catfish grow faster and bigger?

Protein is a key material to force fish to reach a desirable weight. The best sources of protein are the sunflower, soy, a seed of cotton, etc. He recommends to include 40 percent of protein in forage of a catfish. Catfish requires a huge ammount of protein as it grows quicker than other fishes and it is carnivorous.

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