Can I get pregnant with CIN 2?

Can I get pregnant with CIN 2?

Treatment for CIN / CGIN should not affect a woman’s ability to get pregnant in the future. Women who have had a cone biopsy or LLETZ are at slightly greater risk of miscarriage and premature labour, before 37 weeks, because of their weakened cervix.

Can cervical cancer give you pregnancy symptoms?

Pregnancy with early cervical cancer mostly has no obvious clinical symptoms. However, a few symptomatic patients mostly show vaginal discharge with stench, purulent or bloody secretions, and vaginal irregular bleeding.

Will HPV affect my pregnancy?

Women who have HPV during pregnancy may worry that the HPV virus can harm their unborn child, but in most cases, it won’t affect the developing baby. Nor does HPV infection — which can manifest itself as genital warts or abnormal Pap smears — usually change the way a woman is cared for during pregnancy.

Can pregnancy cause abnormal cervical cells?

Pregnancy does not seem to increase the progression of abnormal cervical cell changes. The presence of abnormal cervical cell changes or HPV does not affect the outcome of the pregnancy.

Can cin2 go away?

CIN 2 lesions often clear up on their own, but can also progress to CIN 3 lesions. CIN 3 is the most severe. It’s a very slow-growing disease, though: fewer than half of CIN 3 lesions will have become cancer within 30 years.

What happens if your pregnant with cervical cancer?

Pregnant people with cervical cancer typically deliver their babies early via a cesarean delivery (C-section), and some need a hysterectomy at the same time. You might also require chemotherapy and radiation after giving birth.

Can cervical cancer cause positive pregnancy test?

Our patients point out the need to be aware of colon or cervical cancer as a potential cause of a false- positive urine pregnancy test in women with these conditions who are undergoing pregnancy screening using a urine hCG test.

Can HPV cause a miscarriage?

We found that being a carrier of HPV or having severe HVP-related cervical disease gave increased odds of a preterm birth. Our results also showed that being a carrier of high-risk HVP also increased odds of having an early miscarriage. We identified a link between mild-cervical disease and early miscarriage.

Does LEEP procedure affect pregnancy?

The LEEP is a safe and effective way to remove abnormal cells from the cervix, which could turn into cancer. There is rarely an impact on fertility and pregnancy after a LEEP.

Should I get a colposcopy while pregnant?

you’re pregnant – a colposcopy is safe during pregnancy, but a biopsy (removing a tissue sample) and any treatment will usually be delayed until a few months after giving birth. you want the procedure to be done by a female doctor or nurse.

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