Can I renew my British passport at Australia Post?

Can I renew my British passport at Australia Post?

In order to renew your British passport you will need to fill out the passport renewal form online on the UK government site, it used to be done by going to a post office in Australia and sending your application off, but thanks to the age we live in it can all be processed online.

Who is the British High Commissioner to Australia?

Victoria Treadell
List of High Commissioners of the United Kingdom to Australia

High Commissioner of the United Kingdom to Australia
Coat of arms of the United Kingdom
Incumbent Victoria Treadell since March 2019
Style Her Excellency
Residence Canberra

Where do I send my old UK passport?

In that scenario, one thing you can do with your expired passports is simply send them back to the UK Passport Office. If you don’t want to renew your passport, you can simply request that they dispose of your expired one. Passports are designed to be difficult to damage, so it is likely that they will be incinerated.

Who is the British High Commissioner in Canberra?

HE Vicki Treadell CMG
British High Commission, Canberra

British High Commission Canberra
Location Yarralumla, Canberra
Address 130 Commonwealth Avenue, Yarralumla, Canberra
Coordinates 35.3013°S 149.1250°E
High Commissioner HE Vicki Treadell CMG, British High Commissioner

How do I write a letter to the British ambassador?

Use ‘His Excellency’ or ‘Her Excellency’ to address high commissioners, ambassadors and nuncios.

How do you address a letter to an embassy?

Write the title and name in the center of the envelope as “His/Her Excellency (First name and surname), Ambassador of (Country).” After the title, the next line should have the street address of the embassy. The third line should be the town, county or other principal subdivision.

How do I contact the British High Commission Canberra?

British High Commission Canberra. Public access to the British High Commission is by appointment only. 24/7 support is available by telephone for all routine enquiries and emergencies. Please call +61 (0)2 6270 6666.

Where is the High Commission of United Kingdom in Australia?

British High Commission in Canberra, Australia located at Commonwealth Avenue, Yarralumla. View larger location map, get driving directions to the High Commission of United Kingdom or view address, phone, fax, email, office hours, official website, consular services, social media channels, and head of mission (HOM).

Where is the British consulate in Canberra located?

The British Consulate in Canberra, Australia listed as the British High Commission in Australia is located off Coronation drive in Canberra. We have listed their email address below with a map and their telephone numbers in Canberra.

When was the British High Commission Chancery built?

The British High Commission Chancery building was built in 1952 at the same time as Westminster House, the High Commissioner’s official residence at 76 Empire Circuit, Deakin. The northern wing extension to the High Commission was completed in 1960.