Can I use Cafiza to descale my espresso machine?

Can I use Cafiza to descale my espresso machine?

Using an alkaline-based product like Cafiza, will completely remove this coffee grime from portafilters, carafes and valves of a coffee or espresso machine. But descaling calls for an acid-based formula to eliminate scale buildup.

Is Cafiza for descaling?

When used regularly, the Urnex Cafiza machine descaler reduces the likelihood of premature breakdown from scale build-up, increases the energy efficiency and improves taste. Our descaler is made with organic materials and is suitable for a wide variety of traditional espresso machines.

Can I use Cafiza to descale breville?

The water should be dissolved in 3 grams of Cafiza powder or 1 cup of Cafiza tablet. The shower screen will be quickly removed. Use a bar towel if you’re going to use it, as it’s hot.

How often should I use Cafiza?

Testing phases push the number up to around 3x the normal rate. As a general rule, I chemical backflush every 30 shots or once a week, whichever comes first. I wiggle-rinse and water backflush very frequently.

What is Cafiza used for?

Cafiza Powder. Eliminates coffee residue and oils from espresso machine groupheads, valves and lines. Keeps screens and filters clear for even extraction. Can also be used to make a soaking solution to clean portafilters, baskets, screens, and other parts.

How do you use Cafiza?

How to Clean Parts and Accessories

  1. Create a soaking solution using 6 g of powder for every liter of hot water.
  2. Place dirty part in the cleaning solution. If soaking a portafilter, do not submerge the handle.
  3. Allow the part to soak for 30 minutes.
  4. Remove the part and rinse with fresh water.

How do you descale a Breville espresso machine?


  1. Mix one part vinegar with one part water in a large enough amount to fill your coffee maker’s water reservoir.
  2. Fill the reservoir with the vinegar-water solution (or descaling solution if you prefer).
  3. Run several brew cycles until you use all of the vinegar solution.
  4. Refill the water reservoir with water.

How do you use Cafiza on a coffee maker?

Cleaning drip coffee machines: Pour 1/2 teaspoon (3g) of Cafiza┬« powder on 2l of water – directly into the water tank. Start the coffee machine, wait until the liquid enters each container of the coffee machine and stop the coffee machine for 30 minutes. Remove all containers and rinse with clean hot water.

How often should you use Cafiza?

Soak PF and baskets in Cafiza at least once a week; 3. Backflush without soap once every couple of days (dry backflush).

How often should I backflush my espresso machine?

once a week
Backflushing should be factored into a regular cleaning regime for your espresso machine, typically in a home setting a backflush without any cleaning chemical should be done once a week. Then every 200 shots of coffee a thorough clean should be done with the appropriate Espresso Machine Cleaning tablets or powder.

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