Can IVIg be given subcutaneously?

Can IVIg be given subcutaneously?

Several brands of IVIg can be given subcutaneously, but there are a couple of products made specifically for subcutaneous administration. These are 20% in concentration, in contrast to most IVIg products which are 10%.

What is immune globulin subcutaneous?

INTRODUCTION. Human immune globulin therapy is used for the treatment of immunodeficiency, prophylaxis of infectious diseases, and in the management of a variety of other inflammatory and autoimmune disorders [1-4]. There are two main routes of administration: intravenous (IV) and subcutaneous (SC).

Can gamunex C be given subcutaneously?

GAMUNEX-C may be administered as a maintenance infusion of 1 g/kg (10 mL/kg) administered over 1 day or divided into two doses of 0.5 g/kg (5 mL/kg) given on two consecutive days, every 3 weeks. Administer intravenously for PI, ITP and CIDP. GAMUNEX-C may also be administered subcutaneously for the treatment of PI.

How is immune globulin administered?

Initial Dose: Administer intravenously at 15 mg/kg/hr. If no adverse reactions occur after 30 minutes, the rate may be increased to 30 mg/kg/hr; if no adverse reactions occur after a subsequent 30 minutes, then the infusion may be increase to 60 mg/kg/hr (volume not to exceed 75 mL/hr).

How do you do a subcutaneous infusion?

Subcutaneous infusion, or hypodermoclysis, is a technique whereby fluids are infused into the subcutaneous space via small-gauge needles that are typically inserted into the thighs, abdomen, back, or arms.

How will I feel after IVIG?

With IVIG, you may develop a headache during or after your infusion. Some people also feel cold during the infusion and often ask for a blanket. You may also feel more tired or have muscle aches or fever after your infusion and need to rest for a day before feeling like your usual self.

How long does subcutaneous infusion take?

The volume of SCIG per site ranged from 3 to 20 mL and was given over 5–20 minutes (1 mL/minute) using a 25-gauge butterfly needle and a 12 mL syringe. The serum IgG levels and rate of systemic adverse events were similar between the two methods. SCIG is infused using needle sets designed for SC infusions.

How fast can you infuse GAMUNEX?

It is recommended that GAMUNEX® should initially be infused at a rate of 0.01 mL/kg per minute (1 mg/kg per minute) for the first 30 minutes. If well-tolerated, the rate may be gradually increased to a maximum of 0.08 mL/kg per minute (8 mg/kg per minute).

What is immune globulin infusion?

WHAT IS IVIG? Intravenous immune globulin (“IVIG”) is a product made up of antibodies that can be given intravenously (through a vein). Antibodies are proteins that your body makes to help you fight infections.

Does IVIG require a central line?

Administration Orders: Start peripheral IV or access central line prior to IVIG infusion. 3. Monitor vital signs (temperature, pulse, respirations, and blood pressure) prior to IVIG infusion, after start of infusion, and after end of infusion.

How do you give immunoglobulin injection?

How is it taken? IVIg is given through a drip into a vein, this is known as intravenous infusion. It is sometimes given as an injection into a muscle if you’re only taking it to increase your immunoglobulin levels following other treatments. You’ll need to go to a hospital each time you have the treatment.

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