Can Kess V2 do diagnostics?

Can Kess V2 do diagnostics?

KESSv2 allows you to read and write the ECUs of cars, bikes, trucks, tractors and boats simply connecting the tool to the diagnostic port.

What can you do with KESS V2?

The KessV2 allows chip tuners to easily read and write chip tuning files to the engine control unit ( ECU) of different vehicles. The Kess V2 is an OBD tuning tool which connects to the vehicle through the OBD port. The KessV2 can tune the following vehicles within minutes through the OBD port of the vehicle: Cars.

How do I read an ECU file?

Connect your OFT to your vehicles diagnostic or OBDII port. Turn your vehicle ignition to the ON position….How-To Read your ORIGINAL ECU Tune File Print

  1. Select TUNING.
  2. Choose your vehicles year/make/model as prompted.
  3. Select READ.
  4. Follow all OFT on-screen prompts for the read operation to complete successfully.

What is ECM Titanium?

ECM TITANIUM is the remapping software developed by Alientech, that allows you to view and tune autonomously the maps of any original engine and transmission control unit file calibrations.

What is Kess software?

KESSv2 is an OBD tuning tool for ECUS and TCUS. The user-friendly and intuitive software is compatible with a wide range of vehicles which is constantly being updated which makes KESSV2 the most versatile remapping tool.

How do I program with Kess?

How to use it

  1. Install K-Suite software on your PC.
  2. Connect KESS V2 tool with the USB cable and install the tool.
  3. Open K-Suite Software and choose Family of vehicles e.g. Cars.
  4. Connect KESS V2 Tool to the car’s OBD port with provided OBD cable.
  5. Read the encoded file from the ECU.
  6. Send the file read to your Master.

What is WinOls?

WinOls software is a dedicated program designed to modify the data memory of ECUs (Engine Control Units). The WinOls software helps you search and find maps within the ECU data file. These maps can be names and altered in view and format to suit your needs and requirements.

What can K-TAG do?

K-TAG is the most complete and professional tool to read, write and clone an ECU or TCU on any vehicle. K-TAG communicates with all ECUs, even the latest generation ones. You can read and write directly to the ECU microprocessor, the flash memory and the EEPROM, without opening the ECU!

What is WinOls tuning?

WinOls is an extremely advanced piece of software. It allows for tuners to carry out the most basic of alterations and modifications to an ECU file. It also allows for extremely complex, high-level tuning to be carried out. Upgrades from stage 1 through to stage 5,6,7 and beyond are all possible with WinOls.

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