Can maxillary second molar have 2 canals?

Can maxillary second molar have 2 canals?

Although variations in the maxillary second molar may occur, it generally has three roots and three canals, while a second mesiobuccal canal (MB2) is found in 56.9–79.6% of cases. However, rare variations other than one or two roots can also be found in the maxillary second molar.

How many root canals are in a maxillary second molar?

A maxillary second molar usually has three roots and three canals. The maxillary molar has been reported with various root canal anatomy having four roots [2], two roots [3, 4], and even a single root with a single canal [5]. The prevalence of a single canal in the maxillary molar is reported to be 0.5-0.6% [2, 5].

Can lower second molar have 2 canals?

Mandibular second molars usually have two roots with three root canals, two in the mesial root and one in the distal root; however, these teeth can present severe anatomical variations, such as the presence of three canals in the mesial root, two canals in the distal root, or supernumerary roots [2].

What are the roots of the maxillary molars?

The maxillary first molars are three rooted, two buccal and one palatal. The mesiobuccal root is broad in the buccopalatal plane and narrow in the mesiodistal plane, similar to a maxillary premolar root configuration. The root generally exits the crown mesially and can abruptly curve distally.

How many roots does a 2nd molar have?

Normally mandibular first and second molars have two roots, one is mesial and the other is distal, and at least three main canals. The roots of the second molar can change from one to three, the first molar can have also four roots; the canals can change from three to even six.

How many canals are in a lower molar?

Mandibular first molars commonly have two roots and three root canals [2, 7].

How many roots do lower molars have?

Most mandibular molars have two roots (one mesial and the other distal) and three canals. The major variant of this tooth type is the presence of an additional third root distally or mesially or a supernumerary lingual root.

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