Can Mini Cooper travel long distance?

Can Mini Cooper travel long distance?

Administrator. I’ve done a fair amount of long distance travelling in my MINI and it’s been great. Like some of the others though, I do have the sports seats. I’ve also done some pretty long trips with three adults in the car and some 1.5 to 2 hour runs with four.

Can you travel in a Mini Cooper?

Yeah, I would say it’s fine if you don’t plan on needing a lot of luggage. My Mini Cooper S did fine on about the same distance of travel at about 70mph / 113kph. Seemed great except for the Power Steering issue that is common in my year and model Mini. I’m getting it fixed this coming Monday.

Is Mini Cooper discontinued in India?

MINI has discontinued the Cooper [2012-2015] and the car is out of production….MINI Cooper Price.

Variants Price
Cooper 1.6 1998 cc, Petrol, Automatic, 13 Km/l, 1998 CC ₹ 25.75 L (Discontinued)

Is a MINI good for motorway driving?

MINI is great on the motorways, in my opinion the only problem is that it can be pretty noisy, especially with hard lowered suspension and noisy tires. Handling wise the MINI is great. We have a Mercedes wagon and a MINI. For a motorway trip my favorite is the Mercedes.

Is Mini Cooper worth buying in India?

The Mini Cooper, in its S form, has a base price of around Rs 35 lakh. However, how well it has been specced is where the value is….Rs 22-25 lakh.

Price when new From Rs 33 lakh
Engine 4 cyls, 1998cc, turbo-petrol
Power 192hp
Torque 280Nm

Who owns Mini Cooper in India?

Mini (marque)

Product type Cars
Owner BMW
Produced by BMW
Country United Kingdom, Netherlands
Introduced 1969 (used since 1959 in model names)