Can Rex files be imported to Pro Tools?

Can Rex files be imported to Pro Tools?

It imports and exports MOV video files and ADM BWF files (audio files with Dolby Atmos metadata); it also imports MXF, ACID and REX files and the lossy formats MP3, AAC, M4A, and audio from video files (MOV, MP4, M4V).

What is a REX file?

A REX file is a file that is created by or uses the Propellerheads Recycle format. They are notated by a . rex suffix as a tag to the file name, which is why they are commonly known as a REX files. They can be read by several different software programs other than Recycle.

How do I read REX files?

If you change the permissions of the REX file to “executable”, you will be able to run the file. REX files are placed in the REXX source library in the Workgroup location by default. NOTE: There are several free Rexx interpreters available, such as Regina, Reginald, and BRexx, that can open the REX fie.

What files can be imported into Pro Tools?

What is the full level of support available in the most recent Pro Tools release?

Functionality Supported with macOS Catalina and above?
MOV, MP4, M4V, M4A, AAC, ALAC audio import Yes

How do I create a REX2 file?

To create the REX file, right-click on the clip while it’s still open in Inline Edit mode, and choose Bounce to REX Loop. This will generate a REX file and place it in a folder called All Self-contained Samples, which you can access from the Song Samples tab in the Browser.

How do I import REX files into logic?

You can add a REX file to Logic in one of two ways: either choose Import Audio File from the main Audio menu, and then choose the desired REX file from the Open/Save dialogue box; or drag and drop files into Logic ‘s Arrange window from any open Finder window.

How do I import files into Pro Tools?

To use the Import Audio Command, follow these steps:

  1. Choose File>Import>Audio.
  2. In the Import Audio dialogue, locate and select an audio file to display its properties and associated clips.
  3. To preview a selected file or clip before importing, click the Play button in the Import Audio dialogue.

How do I add instrumentals to Pro Tools?

Follow these steps to set up an instrument track:

  1. Choose Track>New.
  2. When the New Track dialogue opens, select Stereo from the first drop-down menu, and Instrument track from the second menu.
  3. Navigate to the Mix Window.
  4. Click on the Insert selector at the top of the instrument track.
  5. The plug-in window will appear.

How do I create a REX file?

How do I play RX2 files?

You can open and edit RX2 files in ReasonStudios ReCycle (Windows, Mac)….How to open an RX2 file

  1. ReasonStudios Reason (Windows, Mac)
  2. Steinberg Cubase (Windows, Mac)
  3. Cockos REAPER (cross-platform)
  4. Ableton Live (Windows, Mac)
  5. Image-Line FL Studio (Windows, Mac)
  6. MOTU Digital Performer (Windows, Mac)

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