Can Veigar be played as a support?

Can Veigar be played as a support?

So Veigar is a (very) high damage APC, he is usually played in midlane, but here we play it as support ! + One of the highest damage champions.

Who goes well with Veigar support?

These are champions who work well with Veigar in lane. 12.6% of Veigar’s lane teammates work well with Veigar. These are champions who are decent with Veigar in lane. 37.5% of Veigar’s lane teammates have decent performance with Veigar….

Champion Win Rate Plays
Senna 50.8% 195
Ashe 50.6% 245
Samira 48.1% 156

How do you stack with Veigar?

How Do You Get Stacks on Veigar?

  1. Killing a minion or small monster with Q grants 1 stack – you can get up to 2 stacks with your Q if you slay two minions at the same time.
  2. Hitting a champion with an ability grants 1 stack – Veigar’s E also grants 1 stack, but only if it actually stuns the enemy.

What Lane is Veigar good for?

What Lane Is Veigar? The ability kit of this pick allows it to be played in the Mid Lane position effectively.

Is Veigar support good Reddit?

Honestly, veigar support isn’t that good. His play style is poking the enemy champion to proc his passive, which is hard to do. His only supportive tool is his e, which is at a pretty short range compared to brand or zyra. If you want a supportive mage outside of brand, try swain, zyra, or lux.

Does Veigar have a stack limit?

Using the League practice tool, Reddit user lIlIIlIlI managed to acquire the maximum stacks on Veigar’s passive ability Phenomenal Evil Power. For each of these stacks, Veigar gets a slight increase on his Ability Power. At the extreme point of 25,000 stacks, the results speak for themselves.

How does Veigar passive work?

(Passive) Grants a stack of Phenomenal Evil on kill. Grants 2 for large minions and large monsters. (Active) Unleashes a ball of dark energy in a line, dealing magic damage to up to two enemy units.

Is Veigar meta?

On the surface, Veigar can seem like the perfect champion in League of Legends. And really, his strengths are apparent – high damage and reliable utility. However, the truth is – Veigar hasn’t been anywhere near the top of the meta lists for years.

Is Veigar good low ELO?

Is Veigar Good in Low Elo? Yes, Veigar is amazing in low elo! Unlike in high elo, Iron, Bronze, and Silver players don’t know all of Veigar’s weaknesses.