Can we restore database with different collation?

Can we restore database with different collation?

SQL Server 7.0 does not support having databases with collations other than the default collation. Therefore, before you rebuild the master database, export all the data from the user databases. Generate the scripts for all the objects in the database. Re-create the master database with the appropriate collation.

Can we change database collation in SQL Server?

You can change the collation of any new objects that are created in a user database by using the COLLATE clause of the ALTER DATABASE statement. This statement does not change the collation of the columns in any existing user-defined tables. These can be changed by using the COLLATE clause of ALTER TABLE.

Can I change SQL Server collation after installation?

The server-level collation for SQL Server Express LocalDB is SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS and cannot be changed, either during or after installation.

What is collate Database_default in SQL Server?

MSDN states COLLATE DATABASE_DEFAULT clause casts the collation of an expression, column definition, or database definition to inherit the collation of the “current database”. To complement MSDN, the “current database” is the context of the database where the query is executed.

What is CP1 in SQL collation?

Answer. CP1 stands for code page 1252 is a character encoding of the Western European Latin.

How do I change collation in SQL?

How to change Database Collation in MsSQL Server? Print

  1. Login to the SQL Server using the SQL Management Studio.
  2. Right-Click on the Database name and select the Properties. It will open the Database Properties Dialogue Box.
  3. Click on the Options.
  4. Select your required Collation and click to the OK Button.

How do I change SQL collation settings?

To change the default SQL Server collation you can simply rebuild the system databases. When you rebuild the master, the model, msdb and tempdb system database are actually dropped and recreated in their original location.

What does CP1 mean in collation?

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