Can you centrifuge Falcon tubes?

Can you centrifuge Falcon tubes?

The conical Falcon® tube is ideal for centrifugation and serial dilutions, as well as storage of critical laboratory reagents including culture media, buffers, and antibodies.

What is a Falcon tube used for?

Falcon conical tubes are easy to use, high quality tools to protect your precious samples. You can rely on Falcon conical tubes to maintain your sample integrity during spinning, freezing, and storage. Falcon conical tubes are made from high-clarity polypropylene.

How much is a Falcon tube?


Catalog Number Mfr. No. Price
Catalog Number Mfr. No. Price
14-432-22 View Documents View Product Certificates Corning 352070 Case of 500 for $491.50
14-959-49A View Documents View Product Certificates Corning 352098 Case of 500 for $508.00

How fast can you spin 50mL conical tubes?

Capacity of 12 x 15 mL or 6 x 50 mL rotor Maximum speed 6,000rpm/4,185 x g Accepts both conical and round bottom tubes Space saving footprint Rotors are sold separately.

What are Falcon centrifuge tubes?

Falcon® Conical Centrifuge Tubes

  • Meet bioanalytical-grade requirements and provide unsurpassed performance in critical research applications.
  • Exceptionally strong—Industry leading centrifugation rating of 16,000 RCF (50 mL polypropylene)
  • Unique double threaded cap design reducing cross threading and leakage.

Can you recycle Falcon tubes?

i always recycle and autoclave my falcon tubes… that’s what you do when you need to cut cost. the plastic won’t melt with normal autoclaving process (121C for 15 min).

Are Falcon tubes disposable?

BD Falcon Swube Applicators collection and reduce contamination Disposable combination of swab and transport tube, units are sterilized and individually packaged 6” swab with cotton tip is enclosed in clear polystyrene tube, 4” x 3/4” Swab stick held in friction-fit cap, allowing sealing…

How big is a 50 ml tube?

RESEARCH GRADE STERILE CENTRIFUGE TUBES All of the 15 ml and 50 ml tubes are RNase, DNase and pyrogen free. The 15 ml tube dimensions are 17 mm x 120 mm long and the 50 ml tubes are 30 mm x 114 mm long. All of the caps are made of high density polyethylene.

Is centrifuge tube same as conical tube?

Centrifuge tubes are used to contain liquids during centrifugation, which separates the sample into its components by rapidly rotating it around a fixed axis. Most centrifuge tubes have conical bottoms, which help collect any solid or heavier parts of the sample being centrifuged.

Are 50 mL Falcon tubes autoclavable?

Reusable Racks for 50mL Labcon Centrifuge Tubes … Autoclavable (122°C) and freezable (-80°C).