Can you cross Yardie Creek?

Can you cross Yardie Creek?

Since 2013 when we first started YCBT, Yardie Creek has been open to the ocean so crossing the creek has become very reliant on tides and sometimes it’s just not passable at all – please consider your personal safety at all times. Our advice is just to avoid this situation entirely by driving the “long way” ie.

Can you fish in Yardie Creek?

Yardie Creek is a popular beach fishing spot for those visiting the area. You can fish to the north of Yardie Creek.

Do you need a 4WD for Coral Bay?

The main roads through Coral Bay, Exmouth, and Cape Range are all sealed and 2WD friendly. However, if you are staying at Coral Bay most of the places to see (except Coral Bay itself) are only accessible by 4WD.

Can you drive on the beach at Coral Bay?

There is a sign pointing to it as you drive out of Coral Bay. You are allowed to drive along the beach if your car can handle it, but be sure to let your tyres down. It’s not hard to get a good feed of tailor off the beach, but GT’s, mackerel, sharks and rays are also not uncommon.

What tide can you cross Yardie Creek?

Yardie Creek can be crossed by 4WD and only at low tide.

Is Yardie Creek Road sealed?

Within this national park, on a sealed road 91 kilometres from Exmouth, is Yardie Creek. The pristine waters and beach of Turquoise Bay are at the foot of the range, 30 minutes away.

Can you snorkel at Yardie Creek?

Yardie Creek Campground is at the southern end of Cape Range National Park near the spectacular Yardie Creek Gorge. All camp sites are within 80 metres of the beach where visitors can walk, swim, snorkel or paddle.

Are you allowed to fish at Ningaloo Reef?

Ningaloo Marine Park (state waters) They allow visitors to observe marine life in its natural state. No extractive activities are permitted in these zones, which means no recreational or commercial fishing are allowed.

Is the road to Yardie Creek sealed?

The road within the Cape Range National Park is sealed up until Yardie Creek which is 91 km from Exmouth. Most roads and tracks are accessible to conventional vehicles however four wheel drive is necessary to cross Yardie Creek, and accesses to most beaches within the National Park are unsealed roads.

How long is Yardie Creek?

Yardie Creek Walk Trail is a 2km, grade 3 hike located in the Cape Range National Park, Western Australia. The hike should take around 1.25 hrs to complete.

Can you get to Yardie Creek in a 2wd?

Two wheel drive is fine. The road is paved as far as Yardie Creek, where it ends. There’s a serious 4×4 route that leads across Yardie Creek when it’s low, but you certainly don’t need a 4×4 to get to Yardie Creek or to see the main sights along the way.

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