Can you do STCW online?

Can you do STCW online?

At STCW. online you can find a wide range of approved safety and security online courses for seafarers. If you have the App, you can download your course on your device and train, or even take your test at sea. Once you reconnect, your online STCW certificate will be waiting for you.

How long does it take to get a STCW?

five days
The STCW Basic Safety Training qualification comprises five modules which take five days to complete. The modules are personal survival training, firefighting, first aid and CPR, personal safety and social responsibility, and proficiency in security awareness.

How do you get a STCW certification?

To obtain an STCW endorsement on the rating or license that you hold, you’ll need to meet the minimum requirements such as age, sea-service, training and onboard assessment. To receive STCW endorsements, you need to complete U.S. Coast Guard-approved maritime training courses that prove your competency.

How long does STCW basic training last?

The STCW Basic Safety Training course reflects a reduced fee for enrolling in the complete 5-day course, which includes: First Aid/CPR, Personal Safety and Social Responsibility, Personal Survival, and Basic Firefighting.

How much does it cost to get your STCW?

The full five-day STCW Basic Safety Training (BST) modular course, consisting of the four independent modules, costs approximately US$900–$1,000 if taken in the United States. The cost of STCW Basic Training courses can range anywhere from US$900–$1,880 if taken in Europe or Australia.

How do you do online STCW courses?

eLearning Course

  1. Open Google Chrome and type the website URL .
  2. Click on the Modular courses sub menu under E-Learning menu.
  3. When the website loads, a list of STCW Basic Modular Courses and STCW Advanced Modular courses can be seen in the STCW modular courses eLearning homepage.

How much does an STCW cost?

How much does it cost to get STCW?

Price: 400 USD. Prerequisites: Medical fitness, Basic understanding of English language.

Who needs STCW Basic Training?

Any crew member working on a commercial ship or Yacht are required to have the STCW Basic Training certificate which forms one section of STCW.

What is a STCW certificate?

STCW stands for Standards of Training, certification and Watchkeeping. The qualification now includes vessel security, effecting superyacht employees. The qualification is still referred to as the STCW95 despite the updates being made in 2010. An STCW certificate is valid for 5 years.

What does STCW include?

An introduction to accident prevention and safety procedures including alarms and signals. It also covers your rights at work, employment conditions and work practices such as safe working, pollution prevention and relations with others on board.

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