Can you edit character after creation PSO2?

Can you edit character after creation PSO2?

First, in order to be able to edit your character again, you will need to visit the Salon. To do so, head to the kiosk with the Salon Staff Eterna NPC in it, and talk to her. She is found in the main plaza, with the rest of the NPCs of Central City.

Can you make your own character in Phantasy Star Online 2?

First, players need to select the ship/server they used in PSO2. When they select “Character Creation/Selection,” their current slate of characters should show up. Afterwards, when selecting a character, players can now choose whether to play PSO2 or New Genesis.

How many characters can you make PSO2?

You get three character slots for free in total on your whole account and can currently have up to twenty by paying for more (500 AC per character).

Can you have multiple characters in PSO2?

You can also add characters from the ARKS Lobby as Allies to your party as well. Among the quests available, you will find Multi-Party Quests. These are quests in which a maximum of 4 or 12 characters can play together in one area simultaneously.

Can you change your characters look in pso2?

That said, to get to this option, hit ESC and then find a tab called gear/sub-palette – this will be right next to items on the menu tab at the bottom of your screen. Once clicked, another tab will soon open up and in this tab, you will need to click another option called customize looks.

How do you delete a character in PSO 2?

You can’t delete chars, but you can recreate them. If you want to get rid of a char on your memory char, just select that char and then select recreate or whatever it says. Managed to do it. Thanks!

Do cosmetics carry over to New Genesis?

Most of your cosmetics collection from CAST parts, outfits, hair and accessories carry over to New Genesis though.

What carries over in NGS?

PSO2 NGS won’t have direct trade. Friend data, communication systems, and alliance will carry over. There’s also a long list of systems and features that won’t carry over to PSO2 NGS, either because they do not exist, or NGS uses different gameplay systems.

How do you unlock the Phantom in PSO2?

To unlock Phantom, you have to reach level 75 on at least two other classes. Like Hero, Phantom wields one weapon from each attack type and is unable to use subclasses. Their playstyles differ quite a bit though. Phantom’s attacks and movements are a lot more “floaty” compared to your typical PSO2 classes.

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