Can you get a breast reduction with a tiny scar?

Can you get a breast reduction with a tiny scar?

The shorter-scar technique in breast reduction surgery consists of smaller incisions. This method is used for people who experience sagging and want a minimal-to-moderate reduction in breast size. People in this category will usually go down a cup size. The limitation of short-scar reductions is their scope.

Who is a candidate for scarless breast reduction?

The best candidates for the Scarless Breast Reduction are in women who: Are interested in reducing the size of their breasts, but do not want a breast lift or incisional scars. Have good skin tone and minimal sagging. Would like to have a smaller, more youthful and proportioned breasts with a faster recovery.

What incision is best for breast reduction?

The Traditional Breast Reduction Surgery One circular incision around the areola (the darker patch of skin around the nipple) One lateral incision along the crease where the bottom of the breast meets the chest. One vertical incision that connects the previous two incisions.

How can I flatten my breast reduction scars?

Treatment Methods for Scars After Breast Reduction Procedures

  1. Surgical Tape.
  2. Try Silicone Sheets to Help Reduce Scarring.
  3. Use Scar Gels.
  4. Use the Right Dressings.
  5. Steri-Strips.
  6. Scar Massage.
  7. Fractionated Lasers.
  8. Wear a Supportive Bra.

Do breast reduction scars fade?

Are Breast Reduction Scars Permanent? Any procedure that involves surgical incisions will lead to some degree of scar tissue, which does not completely disappear. However, the appearance of breast reduction scars should gradually lighten in color and become flatter and softer.

Can CoolSculpting be used for breast reduction?

Nonsurgical Breast Reduction CoolSculpting can help clear away fat cells that have caused the breasts to enlarge. It cannot remove breast tissue, so an evaluation is needed to confirm that CoolSculpting will be effective.

Is there a way to get a breast lift without scarring?

Incision-less mastopexy (breast lift surgery) has yet to be developed, but it is possible to minimize the appearance of scars until they are barely noticeable. Dr. Thomas Lintner, our board certified plastic surgeon, uses the most advanced breast lift modalities available to reduce the size of the incisions.

What does a breast reduction incision look like?

In a vertical breast reduction, your scars will resemble a lollipop shape, following the round outline of your areola and extending downwards in a single line. The wise pattern technique is similar but with the addition of a line hidden in the crease underneath the breast.

How long do breast reduction scars last?

Your surgical incisions heal when the body forms new collagen fiber to repair the damage. The new scar tissue is close to but not as strong as your normal skin. Scars become thicker for about six weeks after surgery as the body deposits random collagen to promote quick healing.

How long does it take for breasts to soften after breast reduction?

Between one and two months after surgery, the breasts will begin to feel natural and soft. And, while breast reduction recovery may be complete, the swelling could continue for up to a year.

What will my breasts look like after reduction?

What will I look like after surgery? Immediately after surgery your breasts will be swollen, quite high on your chest, and cone-shaped. The nipples may also appear to be too low. In the first three months the shape changes significantly.