Can you glaze white kitchen cabinets?

Can you glaze white kitchen cabinets?

Upgrade the look of white kitchen cabinets by using a glazing technique to give them an antique or textured appearance. Glazed white cabinets will look particularly good in a country, cottage or French country-style kitchen. The paint color you choose to mix with the glaze will give you varied results.

Can you put glaze over painted cabinets?

From our experience at Cabinets Direct, glazing works best when your cabinets have been freshly painted or stained and have had time to dry completely. Glazing works best with oil based paint, specifically with an eggshell or satin finish.

What color is mocha cabinets?


Wood/Material: Red Birch
Color/Finish: Mocha

How do you glaze cabinets over white paint?

Glaze steps:

  1. Clean cabinets very well and remove hardware.
  2. If you purchased the clear glaze in order to custom mix your own color do that first.
  3. Apply the glaze with a sponge brush.
  4. Paint the glaze on a few cabinet doors or drawers at a time.
  5. Go back with a damp (NOT wet) cloth and remove all of the excess glaze.

Are white kitchens still in style for 2020?

The timeless white on kitchen cabinets is on its way out in 2020. Instead, deep blues and greens are a hot choice for creating a great warm mood.

How do you glaze over painted cabinets?

Dip a rag, natural bristle paintbrush, or foam brush into the glaze. Then, using a circular or straight motion, liberally apply a layer of glaze over one of the cabinets. Once applied, the glaze should look messy and darker than your desired outcome.

Is glazing cabinets out of style?

Are Glazed Cabinets Going Out Of Style? Glazed cabinets are not the most popular look when it comes to painted cabinets. They’re almost exclusively reserved for traditional farmhouse cabinets and country-style kitchens, so they need to be part of a kitchen that fits in with their overall look.

Is mocha and espresso the same color?

Espresso fixtures impart a deep brown coloration. This look is ideally paired with shiny metal hardware to cultivate a striking contrast with the dark finish. Despite mocha finishes offering a similar dark tone, the finish is far lighter when viewed side-by-side with the espresso finish.

Can you glaze over paint?

You can apply glaze over any paint color, since the glaze is transparent enough to let the original color show through. A darker glaze over a light color adds depth or even an antique look. A light glaze over a darker paint is one way to lighten the color without repainting.