Can you hike at Castaic Lake?

Can you hike at Castaic Lake?

The County of Los Angeles is proud to offer the community quality recreational trails at Castaic Lake Recreational Area. The trail system is open to mountain bikes, equestrians and hikers.

Is Castaic Lake Open 2021?

32132 Castaic Lake Dr. Swim beach is closed until next summer season….Castaic Lake State Recreation Area.

Boat Annual – Non–Motorized $105.00/watercraft
Senior (65+)/Disabled Boat Annual – Motorized $65/Vessel

Is Castaic Lower Lake open?

Castaic Lake Recreation Area Opening and Closing Times. The Recreation Areas are open Sunrise to Sunset.

Does Castaic Lake have showers?

The recreation facilities are operated by the County of Los Angeles. Visitors to Castaic Lake enjoy waterskiing, wakeboarding, boating, fishing, hiking, and horseback riding….Castaic Lake Campground.

Castaic Lake Campground Amenities
Campground: restrooms with flush toilets, tap water
Showers: Yes, fee
Dump station: Yes, $7 fee

What time does Castaic Lagoon open?

sunrise to sunset
Park gates are open from sunrise to sunset, and admission to the park ends an hour before closing. The Park is open every day of the year, except December 25th (Christmas Day).

Can you paddle board at Castaic Lake?

32132 Castaic Lake Drive. (661) 257-4050 Summer is meant to be spent in the water and Southern California’s Castaic Lake offers it all. Learn to paddleboard, kayak or just drop in for some night float tube fishing, you’ll get in a little exercise and enjoy the water while you’re at it!

Why are they draining Castaic Lake?

In May, DWR plans to initiate a temporary drawdown of Castaic Lake to allow for the Tower Access Bridge Seismic Retrofit Project to be performed between Summer 2021 to Spring 2022. The drawdown will allow for the seismic retrofit to the tower access bridge, including the submerged bridge piers.

Is alcohol allowed at Castaic Lake?

To the surprise of some boaters, who assume a beer or two is fine as long as they’re not impaired, there’s no alcohol at all allowed on Castaic Lake, which is part of a county park. Confusingly, it is allowed on Pyramid Lake, which is owned by the state.

Are dogs allowed at Castaic Lagoon?

Dogs not allowed in water. Note: Park unit operated by Los Angeles County. Check website at for more information.

Are kayaks allowed on Castaic Lake?

The Park is open every day of the year, except December 25th (Christmas Day). Park activities include boating, world class fishing, hiking, walking, horseback riding, wakeboarding, jet-skiing, camping, picnicking, kayaking, sailing, plus simply enjoying nature and the great outdoors.