Can you put hardwood flooring on a concrete slab?

Can you put hardwood flooring on a concrete slab?

If you have a concrete slab main floor or basement, you may be wondering if it’s possible to install hardwood flooring directly on top of the concrete. The short answer is yes.

What kind of floor can you put over a concrete slab?

Solid wood floors are the best choice for residential and commercial spaces joining aesthetics and style, but concrete slabs aren’t suitable for traditional nailed-down or glued products. Today, you can really have it all: a high-quality Steller solid hardwood floor can be assembled directly over sealed concrete.

Do you need a subfloor on concrete?

Do I Need a Subfloor Over a Concrete Slab? While a subfloor is not necessary to add structural strength when you’ll be laying finish flooring on top of a concrete slab (as in a basement remodel), subflooring over concrete offers two other advantages: Dampness control.

Can you put engineered hardwood over concrete?

Engineered hardwood can be installed on concrete using the glue-down installation method. We recommend using an acrylic or urethane wood adhesive, such as Bostik Pro-Cure or East Bay Clipper. Before installing any flooring you must follow the instructions set forth by the flooring manufacturer.

Can you attach wood directly to concrete?

Wood can be attached directly to interior concrete using screws, screws with anchors, anchor bolts, nails, or adhesives. There are a variety of different screw-down fasteners, but all require a predrilled hole. Some require anchors inserted into the concrete, and others bite and grip the edges of the hole.

What is the best underlay for wood flooring on concrete?

Laminate 3mm has a built in damp proof membrane so works great when laying on concrete, for example kitchens and other downstairs rooms. It also works well in upstairs rooms on wooden floor boards.

Do you need underlayment for engineered hardwood on concrete?

Underlays are helpful for any type of engineered wood flooring. While you can install engineered wood floors without an underlayment, the extra support and insulation add a lot to a room.

How do you install engineered wood flooring on a concrete slab?

How To: Install Engineered Hardwood Flooring on Concrete

  1. Test the Humidity of the Concrete.
  2. Prepare the Floor and Let Planks Acclimate.
  3. Spread the Adhesive with a Notched Trowel.
  4. Laying Down the Flooring Planks.
  5. Apply Pressure to the Flooring.
  6. Wait and Finish (If Needed)