Can you put wallpaper on a chimney breast?

Can you put wallpaper on a chimney breast?

Pick one of the many gorgeous statement wallpapers around and try your hand at wallpapering a chimney breast – it’s easier than you think. It can make an instant difference in a living room, dining room or bedroom, and you should only need one roll of wallpaper.

Where do you start wallpapering on a chimney breast wall?

There are two main methods of doing this; by starting at the centre of a section of wallpaper, or using the centre of your chimney breast and placing the first and second section on either side of it.

Can you put wallpaper on fireplace wall?

Use wallpaper panels. Keep the wallpaper confined to panels around the fireplace and the rest of the room. You can do this by papering sections of the wall and then separating them from one another with wooden moldings. This often will be a custom design, which allows you to frame your fireplace however you want.

What should I put on my chimney breast wall?

Feature wall Consider decorating your non-active chimney breast by installing a mantelpiece (if you don’t already have one), putting flowers, logs, ornaments, books, bunting or even artwork in the hearth.

Should you paint chimney breast a different Colour?

Should Chimney Breast Be Painted Lighter Or Darker? I’d personally paint the chimney breast a darker shade to match the color of it. It not only reflects the light of the fire, but it also draws the viewer’s attention. It gives room an overall sense of space by giving the room the lighter shade of the recesses.

How do you cut wallpaper around a fireplace?

How to wallpaper around radiators and fireplaces

  1. Tuck the paper in behind the radiator until you reach the supporting bracket.
  2. Use a pencil to mark the position of the wall bracket on the back of the paper and make a vertical cut in the paper from the bottom edge to the top of the bracket.

Can you wallpaper a chimney breast with a log burner?

You may wonder if you can wallpaper around a contemporary log burner in the middle of room or any wall covering behind a wood burning stove – in terms of safety, the answer is no. The general rule is not to wallpaper your chimney breast decoration.

Can you use peel and stick wallpaper on a fireplace?

A: The answer is, yes, you can. Smooth surfaces are ideal for peel and stick paper, especially if it is a slab and not tiles. I put white brick peel and stick wallpaper over my existing black granite fireplace surround, and it was one of the best design decisions I’ve made thus far.

How do you put paper around a fireplace?

How do you decorate a room with a chimney breast?

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