Can you replace shower trim without replacing valve?

Can you replace shower trim without replacing valve?

Simply replace the visible trim for an brand new appearance Change out tub/shower control handles and spouts to achieve a brand new look, without redoing the valve plumbing. Use a simple replacement kit.

Can you replace shower trim?

A fast and easy way to freshen the look of your shower is to install new shower valve trim. If your trim resembles mine on the day that I undertook this project, then it’s either conspicuously out of date or completely corroded—or both.

What is a shower trim kit?

As I understand, a trim kit is the visible pieces of the shower/tub faucet/head/controls. Behind the walls there will be a shower valve where the hot and cold water go in and pipes for the shower head and tub faucet come out. The actual shower head and tub faucet are part of the trim kit.

Can you replace shower valve without removing tile?

This may require some cutting or removal of the tile around the shower valve opening to access the leak. While your plumber will take great care to cut or remove only enough tile as necessary, you could face some minor tile repair depending on the size of the opening.

What kind of shower valve do I have?

Count the Number of Shower Faucet Handles Often, the type of shower faucet and handle(s) will indicate what kind of shower valve is behind it. Zero handles may imply a shower panel faucet with buttons to control water flow and temperature.

How do I find my shower trim?

Look at the center of the trim plate behind the shower handle to find a brand name or manufacturer symbol. If you see a “K,” the faucet is a Kohler unit; an “M” signifies Moen. American Standard, Delta and Price Pfister typically print their entire name on the faucet itself.

How to replace Moen trim kit without changing your valve?

Make sure your water supplies are off.

  • Unscrew this white plastic nut and remove the stem extension/handle adapter.
  • Inspect the interior of the valve body.
  • Can I replace my shower trim?

    This Shower trim kit allows you to replace This Shower trim kit allows you to replace your existing worn-out shower trim without replacing the existing shower valve. Danco designed compatibility features into this Delta Trim Kit that will fit Delta 1300/1400 Series and MultiChoice 13/14 Series cartridge style faucets as well as the Delta 600 Series ball style faucets.

    How to replace parts to old Delta shower valve?

    With the handle removed,remove the trim sleeve and then the spacer.

  • Now you’ll want to remove the bonnet nut with s strap wrench.
  • Grab onto the valve cartridge and wiggle it back and forth while also pulling on it.
  • Take your new cartridge and insert it.
  • You’ll now want to line up the keys on the side with the slots found in the valve.
  • What is a shower valve and trim kit?

    The actual shower head and tub faucet are part of the trim kit. The temperature/volume handle (s) that connect to the shower valve are also part of the trim kit. It is the shower valve, not the trim kit that provides you with the pressure balance or thermostatic control. Changing the trim will only change the look.