Can you sing original songs in The Voice?

Can you sing original songs in The Voice?

For an open call audition, you need to have two songs prepared. You can only perform a cappella at this point, so don’t plan to play an instrument or turn on a backing track. Other than that, you’re allowed to sing any song by any artist, in any genre.

Where can I find songs from The Voice?

The songs can be purchased on iTunes or streamed on Apple Music.

What songs has Cam sung on The Voice?


Stage Song Original Artist
Knockouts “Feeling Good” Michael Buble
Live Playoffs “Take Me To Church” Hozier
Semi-Finals “It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday” Boyz II Men
Finale “Stand Up” Cynthia Erivo

Do The Voice contestants pick their own songs?

Contestants Don’t Choose Their Own Songs ‘” The Voice executive producer Audrey Morrissey confirmed this, noting that song selection tends to become hotly debated between coach and contestant as they reach the Battle Rounds. “The No. 1 communication is about song choice,” she told She Knows.

What was the best performance ever on the voice?

Top 10 Best Performances on The Voice Ever

  • #8: Amanda Brown. “Dream On”
  • #7: Addison Agen. “She Used to Be Mine”
  • #6: James Wolpert. “A Case of You”
  • #5: Alisan Porter. “Cry Baby”
  • #4: Kimberly Nichole. “Creep”
  • #3: Matthew Schuler. “Hallelujah”
  • #2: Chris Blue. “Superstition”
  • #1: Christina Grimmie. “Hold On, We’re Going Home”

What songs did Cam Anthony sing on The Voice finale?

The Voice – Cam Anthony Sings Cynthia Erivo’s “Stand Up” – The Voice Finale Performances 2021 | Facebook.

What song did Cam Anthony sing on The Voice May 17?

On Monday night (May 17), Cam Anthony brought out his sharpest weapon. For his Live Top 9 Performance, the youngster performed Boyz II Men’s tear jerker from 1991, “It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday.” He nailed it, as he has done over several occasions over the course of the series.

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