Can you swim in Desolation Sound?

Can you swim in Desolation Sound?

The warm waters of Desolation Sound Marine Park – sheltered from the open Pacific Ocean – can reach summer temperatures of 24 degrees Celsius (75 degrees Fahrenheit) in certain areas – creating tropical-like swimming and snorkelling conditions!

Why is Desolation Sound so warm?

The main reason for these tropical-like warm ocean temperatures is due to a fortunate quirk of geography. Located on the inside roughly halfway between the northern and southern points of Vancouver Island, Desolation Sound lies at the convergence of the tidal flow from both directions.

Where is the warmest water in Desolation Sound?

Pendrell Sound. With Summer water temperatures dependably in excess of 68°F, Pendrell Sound has been called the “warmest saltwater north of Mexico.” Major oyster culture operations are in the sound, providing seed oysters to growers all along the coast.

Why is it called Desolation Sound?

In the summer of 1792, two expeditions led by Captains George Vancouver, Dionisio Alcalá Galiano and Cayetano Valdés y Flores arrived and cooperated in mapping the sound. Vancouver named it Desolation Sound, cryptically claiming that “there was not a single prospect that was pleasing to the eye”.

How warm is the water in Desolation Sound?

First, the facts: In the summer months Desolation Sound can have water temperatures reaching up to 24 degrees celsius (or 75 degrees Fahrenheit)!

Is Cortes Island in Desolation Sound?

About Cortes Island Nestled at the entrance of Desolation Sound, Cortes is one of several islands that make up the Discovery Islands on the north end of the Georgia Strait. This happens to be the namesake of one of our favourite water taxi services, Discovery Launch Water Taxi.

What island is hollyhock on?

Cortes Island
With Hollyhock Leadership Institute Embrace wondrous summer days on the shores of Cortes Island: bask in the beauty of this special place, delve deep into conversations that matter, and nourish your heart and soul.

Can you take your car to Cortes Island?

To reach Cortes Island by car and ferry, you need to catch the ferry from Campbell River, located on North Central Vancouver Island. Once you arrive at the Campbell River ferry terminal, when buying ticket state your destination as Cortes Island.

Where is Cortes Island located?

British Columbia
Known for its abundant wildlife, delicious shellfish, and self-sufficient people, Cortes offers visitors a wide variety of things to see and do. The island is situated at the northern end of the Salish Sea (Strait of Georgia), on Canada’s west coast, between Vancouver Island and the British Columbia mainland.

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