Can you transfer PlanetSide 2 from PS4 to PC?

Can you transfer PlanetSide 2 from PS4 to PC?

There’s no way to transfer anything from the PS4 to the PC.

Is PlanetSide 2 PS4 cross-platform PC?

Q. Will there be cross-platform play between PC and PS4 players? We want PlanetSide 2 to be an experience that’s fun, rewarding, and balanced for both console and PC gamers, so we’ve decided to keep the platforms separate.

Can you server transfer in PlanetSide 2?

We are not transferring characters between servers at this time, though this option may become available in the future.

Can you play PlanetSide 2 cross-platform?

Sony Online Entertainment’s online shooter PlanetSide 2 won’t have cross-platform play because of the delay involved with patching the PlayStation 4 version, the game’s creative director Matt Higby explained to Eurogamer, revealing that Sony is exploring character transfers between the platforms.

Do people still play PlanetSide 2 on Playstation?

Planetside 2 has been chugging along since 2012, though, and its playerbase has declined since its most popular years.

Does PlanetSide 2 have progression?

Progression in PlanetSide 2 means unlocking new equipment, and upgrading what you already own to open new playstyles, gameplay options, and new ways of helping your team.

Do people still play PlanetSide 2 on PlayStation?

Can you change your name in PlanetSide 2?

CHARACTER NAME CHANGE Purchase a Name Change token(s) and you’ll be able to change your PlanetSide 2 character’s name. Note: The selected name must be available and meet Daybreak Game Company naming standards.

Is PlanetSide 2 cross progression?

While Planetside 2 will not feature cross-platform play, the developers at Sony Online Entertainment are trying to work out how the two versions of the free-to-play shooter can link up.

Will Oshur come to PS4?

Oshur will be arriving to PS4 on: Wednesday, Mar. To celebrate the launch of Oshur, we will be auto-unlocking the continent from Wednesday March 23rd through Sunday March 27.

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