Can you use a Bendigo Bank Card in a Commonwealth ATM?

Can you use a Bendigo Bank Card in a Commonwealth ATM?

You can use any Bendigo Bank, Commonwealth Bank, National Australia Bank, ANZ Bank or Westpac Bank ATM without being charged a fee.

Is Bendigo Bank a local bank?

Bendigo’s Community Bank branches. It was a brave and bold move by a regional bank in a rapidly evolving banking and finance sector. Today, more than 20 years later, there are 324 Community Bank branches throughout Australia, partnering with one of Australia’s biggest banks.

Where is Bendigo Bank located?

Bendigo, Victoria, Australia
Bendigo and Adelaide Bank

Type Public
Industry Financial services
Founded 1858
Headquarters Bendigo, Victoria, Australia
Key people Marnie Baker (CEO) Jacqueline Hey (Chairman)

What bank owns Bendigo?

the Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Group
These businesses and more than 80 other organisations have come together to form the Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Group, an Australian owned, top 100 ASX listed company, with more than 110,000 shareholders.

How many customers does Bendigo Bank have?

1.9 million customers
We believe in what we do We are one of Australia’s biggest banks, with more than 7,000 employees helping over 1.9 million customers achieve their financial goals.

How much money can you take out of a Bendigo Bank ATM?

You can make unlimited withdrawals from Bendigo Bank ATMs and branches without incurring any fees. You can also make unlimited fee-free EFTPOS purchases within Australia. A daily ATM withdrawal limit of $1,000 applies.

How much money can you withdraw from a Bendigo Bank ATM?

The maximum you are able to withdraw per 24 hours is $2,500.

What region is Bendigo in?

Goldfields region
Bendigo is one of regional Victoria’s most progressive and contemporary cities and is located in the heart of the Goldfields region….Regional City of Bendigo.

Local Government Area (LGA) City of Greater Bendigo
Estimated Population, 2036 153,800
Population Growth between 2015-2020 1.8% per annum

Can you deposit money into Bendigo ATM?

Ability to withdraw or deposit cash, and check account balance, at a Bendigo Bank-branded ATM. Excludes issues relating to the cardholder’s card. Ability to withdraw or deposit cash, or initiate account transfers or make bill payments over-the-counter in a branch. Excludes the ability to draw and deposit cheques.