Can you use a multi rig for bottom baits?

Can you use a multi rig for bottom baits?

At this point I think its worth mentioning that many anglers use the Multi rig with popups and popups alone, this is great and it works fantastically well as a popup rig but what a lot don’t do is use it with bottom baits and that’s a shame because it is equally as effective a hooker with a wafter or boilie straight …

Can you use a multi rig with Wafters?

With such a wide range of very effective pop-up presentations at your disposal, why do you opt to use the Multi Rig over any other pop-up rig? “I just love the versatility of the Multi Rig. Yes, everyone sees it just as a pop-up rig but I’ve been using it with wafter hookbaits with some great success.

Can you use the German rig for bottom baits?

The German rig ticks all of the boxes for me. It is a simple, easy to tie rig that has excellent rig mechanics and undoubtedly strong hook holds. The rig is suitable for both bottom baits and wafters, but with a split shot positioned a few millimetres below the hook it also becomes a really effective pop up rig.

Is the multi rig good?

The Multi Rig is one of my favourite rigs for the winter period. There are several reasons for this, the first and foremost, it lifts your hook away from any bottom debris. Secondly, it is a very subtle presentation, which sits low to the lakebed making it less obtrusive to the carp.

How does the multi rig work?

The Multi Rig works in a similar manner to the Hinged Stiff in that the bait sits on a ‘D’, with the hooklink just below and with the hook and at an angle. This then promotes a positive, fast reaction when the bait is sucked in.

What is the multi rig used for?

The “multi-rig” as it is widely known is a rig that you can cast almost anywhere to showing fish or position on gravel, silt or even light weed just by adjusting the height of the popup, this really is a versatile rig.

How do you do a multi rig?

Using a coated braid, tie an overhand-loop and trim the tag end. Place this through the eye of the hook and then slide on a rig ring. Take the loop back over the point of the hook and this will create a ‘D’. Remove a section of the coating, revealing the soft inner and squeeze a split shot on top.

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