Can you use finger picks on a classical guitar?

Can you use finger picks on a classical guitar?

Both a single flat pick and attachable finger picks can be used to play a classical guitar. Fingerstyle, which does not use a pick, is the traditional technique, but a player can use picks to achieve alternative tone colors and projection in some types of music.

What pick is best for classical guitar?

I prefer heavy gauge nylon (about 1mm). Thinner picks have far to thin of a tone for nylon and much thicker are too stiff. . 9 or 1mm feels similar to nail consistency and flexibility. Claytons (with the eagle and a matte finish) have a softer feel than some nylon (dunlop for example) and seem to work better than many.

Should I buy finger picks for guitar?

It is entirely down to you. I personally don’t like them, because I like the ability to choose whether to use my nails or the pads of my fingers, thus giving me a wider range of sounds, but they can give you a consistent pick.

Can you play classical guitar with a thumb pick?

Classical players (almost) never wear a thumbpick, but their picking-hand position is higher off the strings than most thumb pickers. That way, classical players get a great attack angle (as high as 45 degrees, perhaps) with the thumb, and get plenty of tone and volume from skin and thumbnail.

Can a classical guitar be strummed?

Although it is possible to strum with a pick on a classical guitar, often a lot of the time it doesn’t sound that good. When you strum nylon strings with a pick they tend to sound dull. You will hear strumming in flamenco music but this is often done with the fingernails and not with the pick.

Can you strum a classical guitar with a pick?

Do you need fingernails to play classical guitar?

Growing your nails on the right hand is not absolutely necessary to play classical guitar. It’s your choice if you want to play without nails. But even though you can find historic reference of serious players who did not grow their nails, pretty much everyone since Segovia has done so.

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