Can you use PointClickCare at home?

Can you use PointClickCare at home?

With the Home Health Care solution from PointClickCare, your agency can become everyone’s first choice for home health care. From care planning and scheduling to billing and reporting, your team will have the technology in place for empowered, high performance.

What is PointClickCare EMR?

PointClickCare Clinical EMR (or Electronic Medical Record) is a complete suite of applications designed to be as easy as booking a flight, ordering a book or comparing auto quotes online. Fast, easy, user-friendly, powerful.

Is PointClickCare an EMR or EHR?

PointClickCare is a cloud-based electronic health record (EHR) software designed for the long-term and post-acute Care (LTPAC) industry.

What type of system is PointClickCare?

PointClickCare is a cloud-based, integrated EHR solution that helps practices of all sizes manage revenue cycles, manage point-of-care documentation and electronically validate patient visits. It simplifies various administrative tasks, including scheduling, billing, care planning and reporting.

How do I create a care plan on PointClickCare?

Clinical > Resident > Care Plan. Click Edit….Care Plan buttons:

  1. New Focus – Click to create a new focus.
  2. New Custom Focus – Click to create a new custom focus.
  3. Printable View – Click to select Care Plan print options.
  4. Back – Click to return to the resident chart.
  5. Care Plan PN – Click to create a Care Plan progress note.

How do I run a report in PointClickCare?

To run any report in the Report Library, select the report from the library: Then enter your search criteria and click Generate: PCC EHR will remember your most recent criteria choices while you work with the report.

What kind of system is PointClickCare?

PointClickCare is a cloud-based software provider for the long-term post-acute care and senior living provider markets, and its EHR is used in 70% of U.S. skilled nursing facilities, according to the company. Collective Medical provides a network-enabled platform for real-time cross-continuum care coordination.

What type of software is PointClickCare?

Cloud-based Healthcare Software
Cloud-based Healthcare Software, Inspiring Confidence for All. Optimize your business with a single cloud-based platform that connects your care, services, and financial operations.

How do I create a care plan on Pointclickcare?

How do you do MDS point Click care?

From the Scheduled view you can:

  1. Click + next to a resident’s name to expand the schedule.
  2. Click the resident name to go the MDS tab in the resident chart.
  3. Click on the ARD link for a scheduled MDS record to open the Reasons for Assessment window to create a MDS assessment.