Can you visit at Santa Rita Jail?

Can you visit at Santa Rita Jail?

ALL VISITING IS BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. Visiting rooms are equipped and made available to accommodate visitors with disabilities. The Alameda County Sheriff’s Office will make every effort to provide reasonable accommodations while you are visiting at Santa Rita Jail.

Can I call an inmate at Santa Rita Jail?

Inmates at the Santa Rita Jail are allowed to make one free outgoing phone call at the time of booking. Thereafter, calls must be made on a collect basis or placed with a pre-paid calling account. Inmates are not allowed to receive incoming calls.

How do I find an inmate in Santa Rita Jail?

How to Find Someone in Alameda County Santa Rita Jail. You can acquire information about inmates through the jails search page on their official website. If you can’t get the information you seek on these sites, you can call the Alameda County Santa Rita Jail at 925-551-6500 or send a fax to 925-551-6500.

How do I call Santa Rita Jail?

Santa Rita Jail

  1. Address:5325 Broder Blvd.
  2. Phone:(925) 551-6500.
  3. Capacity:100 +

What does booking type enroute mean?

En route inmates are prisoners being transported to another jurisdiction. They are received from other law enforcement agencies or private companies, such as Transcor, for courtesy overnight housing.

Can you use Iphone for GTL visit?

iPhones and iPads are not compatible for video visits, but they can be used for scheduling purposes. If using an Android smartphone or tablet, you can download these two apps from the Google Play store – GTL – Schedule Visits (1 of 2) and GTL – Internet Visits (2 of 2).

How do I use GTL visit me?

How It Works

  1. Check to see if your inmate’s facility offers video visitation.
  2. If video visitation is offered at the facility, go to
  3. Select the facility where your loved one is located.
  4. Search for your inmate, and add them.
  5. Click “Schedule” to begin the scheduling process.

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