Can you walk the whole of the Basingstoke Canal?

Can you walk the whole of the Basingstoke Canal?

Basingstoke Canal runs through many of Surrey and Hampshire’s towns and villages and if you’ve never walked along it before it, you really must as it’s beautiful. The 33-mile stretch is a paradise for walkers and cyclists, offering people of all ages an opportunity to soak up nature in a quiet and relaxing environment.

Where does the Basingstoke Canal start and finish?

The Basingstoke Canal is located in the south of England, to the southwest of London. The navigable section runs from West Byfleet in Surrey to the east, following a course of 32 miles through Woking, Brookwood, Mytchett, Ash, Fleet and Crookham, then Odiham, finally ending up at Greywell in Hampshire to the west.

Can you moor on Basingstoke Canal?

Residential moorings are not allowed on the Basingstoke Canal. Exceptions to this are the existing houseboat moorings between Locks 1 and 3 at Woodham. These are houseboat moorings only, i.e. not for cruising boats. There may be vacancies for these, which are administered by Surrey County Council.

Can you cycle the length of the Basingstoke Canal?

Cyclists are also permitted to use the towpath but must give way to pedestrians. The interactive table below shows distances on the canal. At the junction with the River Wey Navigation, you can continue north to Weybridge or south to Guildford alongside the River Wey.

Is the Basingstoke Canal navigable?

The Basingstoke Canal in North Hampshire was built between 1788 and 1794 and is 32 miles long with 29 locks. After many years of restoration, it is now fully navigable and a boater’s paradise.

Why was the Basingstoke Canal built?

The Basingstoke Canal was conceived as an economical means of transportation for the development of agriculture in central Hampshire. The first route to be surveyed in 1769 was a line northwards to the Thames at Monkey Island, Bray, but the engineering problems proved it would be too costly.

Can you fish on the Basingstoke Canal?

All anglers on the canal are required to have an Environment Agency rod licence and a fishing permit. Night fishing only with full permit. Fishing is allowed from the towpath side only and by rod and line (two rods maximum.)

Who owns the Basingstoke Canal?

The Basingstoke Canal is jointly owned by Surrey and Hampshire County Councils. The Basingstoke Canal Authority (BCA), was set up in 1992 to manage the Basingstoke Canal as a managing agent on behalf of the two County Councils.

Can you cycle along the river Wey?

The glorious towpath alongside the tranquil water forms a green corridor running through the Surrey countryside. It’s a fantastic place to go for a bike ride and there are a number of pubs along the route where you can stop for a refreshing drink or bite to eat such as the Row Barge in Guildford.

Why is the Basingstoke Canal empty?

The whole of the canal from Woodham Junction to King John’s Castle at North Warnborough, is now open for public navigation – however the four Surrey lock flights have restricted opening times to help us conserve water (the canal having had a water supply problem since it was built).

What fish are in the Basingstoke Canal?

Most species of UK coarse fish can be found in the canal; Bream, Carp, Gudgeon, Perch, Pike, Roach, Rudd. There are also reports of rogue catfish being caught in various sections which have been introduced illegally if true.

Can you night fish on the canal?

Can I fish at night on the canal? The decision as to whether to allow night fishing or not is made by the managing angling club. Night fishing is allowed on Waterway Wanderers stretches but please show consideration to people living nearby.

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