Can you zoom in on a Celestron telescope?

Can you zoom in on a Celestron telescope?

The Celestron 93230 8 to 24 millimeters 1.25 inch zoom eyepiece allows you to zoom instantly with your scope from 8x magnification to 24x magnification.

How good are zoom telescope eyepieces?

Like a zoom lens on a camera, a telescope zoom eyepiece provides a range of magnifications. This sounds great, but not all zoom lenses are created equal. Some are of poor quality or have such a narrow field of view that I have found them to be undesirable.

Can you use a Barlow with a zoom eyepiece?

Basically, any eyepiece can be used with a barlow provided the the combination doesn’t exceed the useful magnification. There are certain other benefits of using a barlow with the main one for me is that they preserve eye relief.

Should I get a zoom eyepiece?

If you are a beginner, getting a zoom eyepiece will be the best value for your money. It will allow you to experiment and test various ranges of power so you can get to know your telescope. Combine that with the eyepieces included with your telescope and you will have a good range of options.

Is a zoom eyepiece worth it?

Are zoom eyepieces actually worth it? They’re fine, especially for outreach or travel when you don’t want to use your expensive eyepieces/carry around a ton of stuff. They work better in slower f/ratio scopes (think >f/8).

What is a good zoom for a telescope?

The most beneficial and effective telescope is the one that has magnification 50x more than its aperture in inches. And, when talked in mm then twice its aperture. To get a good 600x you need a 12 inches wide scope.

Which Celestron eyepiece is best for viewing planets?

Ultra-short focal length (2-4mm) eyepieces provide very high power magnifications and are best for observing the planets and the moon on shorter focal length telescopes.

Are Celestron eyepieces any good?

Since it’s Celestron, you can count on it being good quality. This is an amazing price for this many eyepieces and filters. These are high quality Plossl (4 elements) eyepieces. The selection of filters is about all you will ever need.

Do zoom eyepieces work?

Zoom eyepieces provide the ability to obtain a range of focal lengths from a single eyepiece. It’s basically a regular eyepiece with a moveable Barlow lens, though some of the eyepiece elements may also move. By varying the distance between the eyepiece and Barlow, you change the magnification.

How do you use a zoom eyepiece?

Zoom eyepieces are a single eyepiece that you can adjust to alter its focal length which changes magnification. Put the eyepiece into your telescope and by simply turning the barrel of the zoom eyepiece you’ll zoom into or out from whatever you’re looking at.

How do I use the Celestron 8mm-24mm zoom eyepiece?

The amazingly versatile Celestron 8mm – 24mm Zoom Eyepiece allows you to choose from a variety of magnifications in a flash! Simply grip the rubberized barrel and turn it slowly while looking through the eyepiece, and then pick the best power for the object you are observing.

What is the Celestron 8-24mm zoom eyepiece?

The Celestron 8 – 24mm Zoom Eyepiece uses premium optics that are fully multi-coated for crisp, clear images. The folding eyecup lets you view with or without glasses, and the field of view (40 – 60°) works well for terrestrial observations as well as for views of the Moon, planets, and deep-sky objects.

What is the field of view of a 24mm zoom lens?

Description Focal lengths: 8mm to 24mm zoom Field of view: 43° – 66° Eye relief: 15 – 20mm Fully multi-coated Works in 2” and 1.25” eyepiece holders

What is the size of the deluxe zoom eyepiece?

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