Could a man with type AB blood be the father?

Could a man with type AB blood be the father?

The baby’s genotype is also ii. This makes it impossible for the man with type AB blood to be the father of this child. 6.

What are the predicted blood types of the children of a man with blood type AB and a woman with blood type O?

A mother who is blood type O can only pass an O allele to her son or daughter. A father who is blood type AB could pass either an A or a B allele to his son or daughter. This couple could have children of either blood type A (O from mother and A from father) or blood type B (O from mother and B from father).

Can a man with type AB blood be the biological father of a child with type O blood?

In cases of questioned paternity, ABO blood-typing can be used to exclude a man from being a child’s father. For example, a man who has type AB blood could not father a child with type O blood, because he would pass on either the A or the B allele to all of his offspring.

Can an AB father and an A mother have an O baby?

An AB parent can indeed sometimes have an O child. But it is by no means common. In fact it would be fair to say that it is exceedingly rare. Usually, an AB parent and an A parent can only have children who are Type A or Type B.

Which blood group person should not marry?

The correct option is: d Rh+ male and Rh– femaleExplanation:Rh factor is a protein found in blood. A person having Rh factor in blood is called Rh positive whereas that who does not carry this protein in the blood is called Rh negative. Marriage should be avoided in between Rh negative female & Rh positive male.

How do you get AB blood type?

Did You Know?

  1. About 4% of Americans are type AB.
  2. Donors with AB can provide plasma to all blood types.
  3. ABs inherit A from one parent, B from the other.

How is AB blood type inherited?

Every person has two copies of their blood type gene: one from mom and one from dad. Usually, the only way to have type AB blood is to have one copy of the A version and one copy of the B version. Cis-AB is a rare fourth version of the blood type gene. It is an allele that gives you type AB blood all by itself!

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