Did America sing Horse With No Name?

Did America sing Horse With No Name?

In January 1972, the folk-rock band America released “A Horse With No Name,” a loping ballad that many people mistakenly attributed to Neil Young. The mellow introspective song, by lead singer and guitarist Dewey Bunnell, reached No. 1 on Billboard’s pop chart, and sent the band’s eponymous album to No.

What kind of song is Horse With No Name?

Folk rock soft rock
A Horse with No Name

“A Horse with No Name”
Genre Folk rock soft rock country rock
Length 4:08
Label Warner Bros.
Songwriter(s) Dewey Bunnell

Why didn’t the horse have a name?

1 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart, the “America” album was re-released in 1972 with the track. But the controversy surrounding the song wasn’t that the horse didn’t have a name, it was that some radio stations refused to play it because of its supposed references to heroin use. “Horse” is a slang term for heroin.

Who sings I went through the desert on A Horse with No Name?

AmericaA Horse with No Name / Artist

Is the song A Horse with No Name about drugs?

“Horse” is slang for heroin, leading to myriad rumors (denied by the band) that the song was about drugs. Dewey Bunnell played 6-string acoustic guitar on this track; his bandmate Gerry Beckley played 12-string acoustic, and the third member of the group, Dan Peek, played bass.

Who sang the song A Horse With No Name?

Who wrote song Horse With No Name?

Dewey BunnellA Horse with No Name / Lyricist

What hit songs did the band America have?

Their second album, Homecoming (1972), included the single “Ventura Highway”. Over the next several years, the band continued to release hit songs, including “Muskrat Love” on Hat Trick (1973), “Tin Man” and “Lonely People” on Holiday (1974), and “Sister Golden Hair” and “Daisy Jane” on their 1975 record Hearts.

Who sang the song A Horse with No Name?

Who was America’s lead singer?

Dan PeekAmerica / Lead singer


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