Did Gym Source go out of business?

Did Gym Source go out of business?

The Gym Source stores will be folded under the Johnson Fitness and Wellness brand. Gym Source will continue to operate as a national commercial fitness dealer serving customers across a variety of industries, including hospitality, multi-family housing, corporate fitness, private clubs, medical and wellness and more.

How many Gym Source locations are there?

Gym Source is a distributor of residential and commercial fitness equipment in the United States with 31 stores locations in 13 states.

Did Johnson fitness buy Gym Source?

Johnson Fitness and Wellness, Cottage Grove, Wisconsin, is acquiring all of Gym Source retail locations across the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic, including New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Virginia and Connecticut, the company announced Nov. 2.

Is Vectra fitness out of business?

Vectra Fitness, Inc. owners retired from manufacturing early 2018. They have provided the parts store as a customer service to support the current owners of Vectra machines. Prices have not increased in over 8 years and we intend to continue the trend of keeping the best quality and prices well into the future.

Is a functional trainer worth it?

Having a functional trainer is great if you want to work on your strength and resistance training. The machine is good for working most muscle groups in many ways. Not only are they the most versatile piece of exercise equipment but their use extends to all age groups who want to work out their body.

What home gym equipment is best?

The best home gym equipment right now

  • Sunny Health & Fitness Indoor Cycle Bike. Best exercise bike for most people.
  • Peloton Tread.
  • Tempo Studio.
  • Aviron Impact Series Rower.
  • Bowflex SelectTech 552 Dumbbells.
  • All Pro Contour-Foam Weight-Adjustable Ankle Weights.
  • Gaiam Premium 2-Color Yoga Mat.
  • Bodylastics Resistance Bands.

What is the difference between a home gym and a functional trainer?

Functional Trainers consume less space and are pocket friendly unlike Traditional Home Gym machines. It comprises of one or two weight stacks which are connected to two adjustable pulleys hence; different motion of exercises can be performed and individuals can perform their customized exercises as well.

Can you build muscle with a functional trainer?

So, can functional training build muscle? Functional movement training doesn’t just strengthen one muscle group at a time. Rather, it works and trains several muscle groups at once. As a result, you build strength holistically, forcing your body to function as a single unit.

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