Did Jeremy Vine fall of his bike?

Did Jeremy Vine fall of his bike?

The TV and radio host was riding his old fashioned penny farthing style bicycle when he was thrown off the bike and knocked out after slamming his head on the ground. Jeremy admitted earlier last week he was having second thoughts about using vintage bikes after the impact shattered his glasses and put him in A&E.

Why was Jeremy Vine rushed to hospital?

Jeremy Vine was rushed to hospital after falling unconscious when he fell off his bike. The Channel 5 star – who is famous for riding a Penny-farthing bicycle round London – told viewers of his morning show about the terrifying incident which happened at the weekend.

What bike does Jeremy Vine ride?

penny farthing bicycle
Jeremy Vine, 56, was rushed to hospital after he was knocked unconscious in a bike accident over the weekend. Vine, who frequently rides around London on his penny farthing bicycle, fell off and sustained facial injuries.

Who fell off his penny-farthing?

Jeremy Vine has jumped straight back on his bike after an accident last week which left him with a black eye. The presenter, 56, got caught in a divot in the grass while cycling on his 6ft-tall penny-farthing last weekend, causing him to fall and break his glasses in the process.

Does Jeremy Vine ride a penny-farthing?

Broadcaster Jeremy Vine has been riding a penny-farthing around London for a few years now, so should appreciate that there’s a knack to mastering that most stately of cycling past times.

Who fell off their penny farthing?

What has happened to Jeremy Vine?

Jeremy was previously missing from his show as he was recovering from a bike accident after he revealed he was knocked out when he fell from his Penny Farthing bicycle. He took to Twitter to explain to his fans what had happened and how he was feeling.

Does Jeremy Vine own a penny-farthing?

Mr Vine is one of only two people who own penny-farthings in the capital, according to his debate show. Following the accident, a segment was added during Wednesday’s episode for callers to discuss whether he should give up cycling altogether as a result, leaving viewers divided.

How do you stop a pennyfarthing?

Although easy to ride slowly because of their high center of mass and the inverted pendulum effect, penny-farthings are prone to accidents. To stop, the rider presses back on the pedals while applying a spoon-shaped brake pressing the tire.

Who fell off their penny-farthing?

Why was Jeremy Vine not on Channel 5 today?

A “significant” power shortage at ITN Productions prompted the company to take Jeremy Vine’s show off air on Channel 5. The daily talk show was replaced with re-runs of Million Pound Home after power and the back-up generator reportedly failed early on Monday.

Where is Jeremy Vine today 4th April?

Ben heads to Slab City in the Californian desert to explore an alternative community.

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