Did JoJo break a Mariah Carey record?

Did JoJo break a Mariah Carey record?

On this day in 2006, JoJo’s hit single, ‘Too Little Too Late’ from her second album, ‘The High Road’, was released for download. At the time, the song broke Mariah Carey’s record for the biggest jump to a Top 3 spot, when it went from #66 to #3.

Why did JoJo remake all her songs?

The original recordings, she determined, were out of her grasp. But JoJo learned that she was allowed to re-record them, so she got to work on remaking both records, along with old one-off singles “Demonstrate” and “Disaster.”

Why is JoJo not on Apple music?

Due to the fact that her former record label never signed proper deals with streaming platforms or digital stores, JoJo’s first two albums are still not available, despite intense demand from fans.

Did JoJo rerecord her albums?

Re-recorded versions of JoJo and The High Road were released on December 21, 2018. On August 5, 2021, Blackground Records announced on Twitter that the original versions of JoJo and The High Road would be available on streaming services and digital platforms on September 24, 2021.

What is JoJo’s biggest hit?

Best JoJo Songs of All Time – Top 10 Tracks

  • Too Little Too Late – 2018.
  • Comeback (feat. Tory Lanez and 30 Roc) JoJo, Tory Lanez, 30 Roc.
  • Baby It’s You.
  • Leave (Get Out) – 2018.
  • Baby It’s You – 2018.
  • High Heels.
  • My Peace (feat. Mr. Talkbox) PJ Morton, JoJo, Mr. Talkbox.
  • Anxiety (Burlinda’s Theme)

Has JoJo been on The Masked Singer?

After JoJo was named runner-up on “The Masked Singer” season 5, the star told E! News exclusively that the show helped get her “mojo back” after a recent bout of stage fright.

Does JoJo own her masters?

Like Swift, JoJo also did not own her masters. She ended up re-recording her old music in 2018 and shared them on music streaming sites, where her music had never been before.

Why did JoJo take her old music off Spotify?

Our favorite throwback tracks from Foxboro singer JoJo are missing from Spotify. That’s because her former label reportedly yanked her debut, self-titled album from the site.

Who owns JoJo’s Masters?

Blackground Records 2.0 (legal name Blackground Records, LLC, formerly known as Blackground Records) is an American record label founded and owned by Jomo and Barry Hankerson….Artists.

Act Year signed Studio albums released under Blackground
JoJo 2004–2013 JoJo, The High Road
Toni Braxton 2003–2007 Libra

Did JoJo get the rights to her music?

As explained in a recent Honda Backstage interview, JoJo says the label refused to release her music for years. Because of that, JoJo’s career fell off and she ended up taking matters into her own hands by suing Blackground Records and eventually re-recording her early albums.

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