Did Michael order the hit on Pentangeli?

Did Michael order the hit on Pentangeli?

In The Godfather 2, Frankie Pentangeli walks into a bar. A man puts a cord around his neck and says “Michael Corleone says hello”. Later on we find out that Roth ordered the hit as Michael confronts him about it.

Why did Pentangeli not testify against Michael?

Because Pentangeli’s protective custody was so secure, Michael could not have him killed before the hearing. Instead, he flew Vincenzo in from Sicily. Upon seeing his brother in the committee room, Frank denied his written testimony and feigned ignorance of the Corleone family’s criminal activities.

Why did Frank Pentangeli testify?

to threaten Frankie, by showing him that his family isn’t safe. to shame Frankie for betraying his family.

Was Pentangeli supposed to be Clemenza?

The Pentangeli character took the part in the plot which was originally intended for Clemenza, whose death was to be set anti-parallel to the extended sequence in which the young Vito becomes Clemenza’s partner.

Did Michael try to have Pentangeli killed?

From what I understand, the Rosato brothers attempt to kill Frank Pentangeli. The hitman says “Michael Corleone says hello” prior to strangling him.

Who betrayed Michael to Hyman Roth?

To eliminate Michael as a competitor, Roth manipulates Corleone family caporegime Frank Pentangeli into testifying against Michael by having the Rosato Brothers, two small-time hoods, attempt to kill Pentangeli.

Who killed Dontommasino?

hitman Mosca of Montelepre
However, that same year, Tommasino was shot to death by the hitman Mosca of Montelepre, who had been hired by Don Altobello to assassinate Michael.

What is a Pentangeli moment?

Specifically, I am referring to the infamous scene in which Frankie Pentangeli, who is set to testify as to what he knew about Michael Corleone’s crimes, all of a sudden clams up. That’s because Corleone has arranged for Frankie Five Fingers’ brother to come in from Sicily.

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