Did Namco Pools go out of business?

Did Namco Pools go out of business?

Yes, We’re Still Open!

How many stores does Namco have?

Namco has 21 conveniently located stores across Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and New York. When you visit a Namco store, you experience the Namco difference firsthand.

Who owns Namco Pools?

As of January 2018, a group of Canadian pool professionals associated with Pioneer Family Pools of Ontario and Club Piscine Super Fitness of Quebec became the new owners of Namco Pools, purchasing some of the former assets, including the name.

Is Namco still in business?

Its successor, Bandai Namco Entertainment, and its subsidiaries continue to use the Namco brand for their video arcades and other entertainment products….Namco.

Headquarters in Ōta, Tokyo
Defunct March 31, 2006
Fate Merged with Namco Bandai Games
Successor Bandai Namco Entertainment
Headquarters Ōta, Tokyo , Japan

Has Namco closed down?

Originally opened as Namco Station in August 1997, it operated as one of the capital’s leading family and corporate entertainment centres for 25 years, closing permanently in August 2021 due to redevelopment plans blocking a lease renewal.

Why do people bond above ground pools?

Grounding your swimming pool will shut down the electrical equipment if there’s a fault in the electrical system. Creating a bonding grid equalizes the voltage differential between the various metal components of the swimming pool and thereby prevents electrical shocks from occurring.

How far does an outlet have to be from a pool?

Receptacles for pumps and motors must be located between 6 and 10 feet from the pool walls, and they must be GFCI-protected and locked. Outlet receptacles for general use can be no closer than 20 feet from a pool or in-ground spa if they are not GFCI-protected, and no closer than 6 feet away if they are GFCI protected.

Why did Namco and bandai merger?

In July 2013, Namco Bandai Partners (NBP), which used to oversee the PAL distribution network since September 2012, merged with Namco Bandai Games Europe (NBGE) in order to push distribution and publishing into one entity, Namco Bandai Games Europe (NBGE).

Why has Namco closed?