Did the Byrds record a Bob Dylan song?

Did the Byrds record a Bob Dylan song?

Tambourine Man” was the debut single by the American band the Byrds, and was released on April 12, 1965, by Columbia Records. The song was also the title track of the band’s debut album Mr. Tambourine Man, which was released on June 21, 1965. The Byrds’ version is abridged and in a different key from Dylan’s original.

What was the Byrds first album?

Mr. Tambourine ManThe Byrds / First albumMr. Tambourine Man is the debut studio album by the American rock band the Byrds and was released on June 21, 1965, by Columbia Records. The album is characterized by the Byrds’ signature sound of Jim McGuinn’s 12-string Rickenbacker guitar and the band’s complex harmony singing. Wikipedia

Who played tambourine for the Byrds?

Roger McGuinn
The Byrds’ Roger McGuinn shares memories of drummer Hal Blaine, who played on the group’s first Number One, “Mr. Tambourine Man.” The first time Roger McGuinn met Hal Blaine was in January 1965, at the recording session for “Mr.

Who originally sang Mr. Tambourine Man?

Tambourine Man, a wonderful song from Bob Dylan and one that jump-started the field of folk-rock music. We will review the original by Bob Dylan, a cover of that song by The Byrds, and also William Shatner’s cover of the song.

What was the groundbreaking album that the Byrds did at the close of the 60’s?

Released on February 6, 1967, the Byrds’ fourth album, Younger Than Yesterday, was more varied than its predecessor and saw the band successfully mixing psychedelia with folk rock and country and western influences.

Was Eric Clapton in the Byrds?

After Cream broke up in November 1968, he formed the blues rock band Blind Faith with Baker, Steve Winwood, and Ric Grech, recording one album and performing on one tour before they broke up. Clapton embarked on a solo career in 1970….Eric Clapton.

Eric Clapton CBE
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Who played on Byrds records?

The original five-piece lineup of the band consisted of McGuinn (lead guitar, vocals), Gene Clark (tambourine, vocals), David Crosby (rhythm guitar, vocals), Chris Hillman (bass guitar, vocals), and Michael Clarke (drums).

Did the Wrecking Crew play on the Byrds albums?

So I reached out to Wrecking Crew drummer Hal Blaine for some insight into the Byrds. Turns out that except for Roger McGuinn, the group didn’t play their own instruments on their first hit single, Mr. Tambourine Man. Members of the Wrecking Crew did.

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Who wrote the lyrics for Mr. Tambourine Man?

Bob DylanMr. Tambourine Man / Lyricist