Did the Chicago Tribune go out of business?

Did the Chicago Tribune go out of business?

In May 2021 Tribune Publishing was acquired by Alden Global Capital, which operates its media properties through Digital First Media.

How often is Chicago Tribune published?

Chicago Tribune, daily newspaper published in Chicago, one of the leading American newspapers and long the dominant, sometimes strident, voice of the Midwest.

How many columnists are leaving Chicago Tribune?

40 people
Dozens of talented journalists are leaving the Chicago Tribune after its new owner, Alden Global Capital, offered employees voluntary buyouts. The final tally isn’t clear yet, but it’s estimated that around 40 people, including some of the newspaper’s most notable columnists, are leaving.

Did John Kass quit the Chicago Tribune?

His last show was February 26, 2015. In June 2021, Kass took the buyout offer at the Chicago Tribune, after 38 years at the paper. In his final column, he announced his writing could continue to be found at johnkassnews.com.

Who bought out the Chicago Tribune?

Tribune Publishing shareholders voted to approve hedge fund Alden Global Capital’s $633 million purchase of the Chicago-based newspaper chain.

Why is a newspaper called a Tribune?

In ancient Rome, ‘tribune’ referred to any number of elected officials. In ancient Rome, tribune referred to any number of elected officials; their job was, in effect, to protect the citizens by providing a check on the authority of the senators.

Who is the business editor at the Chicago Tribune?

Mitch Pugh has been named executive editor. He will be replacing Colin McMahon, who has decided to leave the company. Mitch comes to Chicago from Charleston, South Carolina, where he has been the executive editor of The Post and Courier since 2013.

Who took Tribune buyout?

Alden Global Capital
The buyouts were offered to nonunion employees two days after hedge fund Alden Global Capital completed its $633 million acquisition of Tribune Publishing, the owner of the Chicago Tribune and other metropolitan daily newspapers.

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