Did UF steal Gatorade from FSU?

Did UF steal Gatorade from FSU?

During ABC’s broadcast of the Florida-Florida State game, the announcing team revealed that the University of Florida doctors didn’t invent Gatorade. That the sports drink was invented by rival Florida State, three years prior in 1962, and it was called “Seminole Firewater.”

Who is Florida football’s biggest rival?


Florida Gators football
Rivalries Alabama (rivalry) Auburn (rivalry) Florida State (rivalry) Georgia (rivalry) LSU (rivalry) Miami (rivalry) Tennessee (rivalry)
Heisman winners 3 (Steve Spurrier, Danny Wuerffel, Tim Tebow)
Consensus All-Americans 33
Current uniform

How many times has FSU beat Miami?

Florida State–Miami football rivalry

Meetings total 66
All-time series Miami leads, 35–31
Largest victory Miami, 47–0 (1976) Florida State, 47–0 (1997)
Longest win streak Florida State, 7 (1963–1972, 2010–2016)

Does the University of Florida still make money off of Gatorade?

Although details of the royalties given to the Gatorade Trust, which was formed in May 1967, are not public, the University of Florida, which receives a 20 percent cut from the royalties, reported this week that its total take from its piece in Gatorade had risen to $281 million.

Who really invented Gatorade?

James Free, Dana Shires and Alex de Quesada—created the now-ubiquitous sports drink. “They developed a drink that contained salts and sugars that could be absorbed more quickly,” according to a University of Florida history of medicine, “and the basis for Gatorade was formed.”

What’s Georgia’s biggest rival?

Let’s look at Georgia’s top four football rivals.

  1. Florida. 4 of 4. 🚨 SPORTS NEWS ➡️ YOUR INBOX.
  2. Georgia Tech. 3 of 4. Clean, old-fashioned hate.
  3. Auburn. 2 of 4. The Deep South’s oldest rivalry.
  4. Tennessee. 1 of 4. Though the teams have only met 37 times, the rivalry is heated nonetheless.

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